One more impetus to call of executives unity under the umbrella of AIGETOA :

Today (03.07.2023) District Secretary SNEA Ghazipur district of UPE Circle Sh Nafish Ahmad ji a veteran leader along with other team members of Ghazipur OA UPE joined AIGETOA.

He expressed his confidence in the leadership of AIGETOA and told that AIGETOA is taking the issues with right approach, they have the zeal to fight for the rights, take the issues to its logical conclusion and above all they have shown the inclusive approach without any bias. He further expressed that AIGETOA is the larger umbrella which have mix of all group of leaders and hence they are best fit and natural home to all executives in order to carry forward the aspirations.

The SNEA team was welcomed into AIGETOA fold by Sh S S Chaudhary CS UPE, Sh RN Mishra JS Central AIG CHQ and Sh Jamal Ahmad Khan sir a great leader and now AIGETOAn and Ex-CHQ/Circle OB of SNEA UPE.

Friends this has created a new chapter in the Executive Unity of UPE and is going to give great impetus to the collective resolution of issues including the financial one at district/circle as well as CHQ level.