Notification for holding of AGM & election of new governing body of AIGETOA CHQ :

As per the provisions of constitution of AIGETOA, it is hereby notified that the Annual General Meet cum VIth All India Conference and election of the New Central Governing Body of AIGETOA CHQ will be held in 4th week of February 2022. Exact date and place will be intimated in due course after finalisation of venue, lodging and open session arrangements.

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The agenda and schedule of the meeting will be as follows:

Agenda of the meeting:

  • Open Session and deliberation with the management on BSNL & HR related issues.
  • Presentation of the Annual working Report by the General Secretary, AIGETOA CHQ and its adoption by the house.
  • Presentation of the Audited Financial Report by the Finance Secretary, AIGETOA CHQ and its adoption by the house.
  • Presentation of the Report by the Circle Secretaries in the house.
  • Internal discussion on Organizational, Welfare and allied matters.
  • Deliberation and discussion on various HR, organizational issues and importance of the BSNL.
  • Discussion on any issue or agenda items as opinioned by the house under permission of Chair.
  • Adoption of the resolutions passed by the House.
  • Dissolution of the existing Central Governing Council of AIGETOA CHQ.
  • Election of New Central Governing Council of AIGETOA CHQ and its oath taking ceremony.

Schedule of AGM and Election of New Governing Body of AIGETOA CHQ:

  • Date and Time of the meeting: 4th Week of February 2022.
  • Venue of the meeting: It will be notified later through the CHQ website

Returning Officer & Asst Returning Officer for conducting of the election are as under:

  • Returning Officer : Shri Sailesh Yadav.
  • Asst Returning Officer : Shri Gaurav Garg.