Jul 27, 2020

We once again reiterate that AIGETOA is fully committed for promotion through DPC for JTO to SDE and other cadres. We assure all executive fraternity that promotions in all grades shall be streamlined and a rugged, contemporary, versatile, foolproof system shall be put in place by AIGETOA after becoming majority association which will also provide opportunity for Fast Track Mechanism at every level till DGM to youngsters of BSNL.

AIGETOA will ensure that hereafter no executive in BSNL remains stagnated on hispost and everybody gets his due promotion without any delay. We know that past cannot be reverted but we all should understand that at least future of BSNL Recruits do not gets spoiled due to divide and rule policy of the Proclaimed SENA. We take this opportunity to request all BSNL Recruits (including those who have been trying to weaken AIGETOA and help proclaimed SENA), to unite together under the umbrella of AIGETOA and help us in achieving all the issues of BSNL Recruits to a positive solution. They should understand that there is nothing in this world which cannot be sorted out, the need is to shed the ego and work with inclusive approach. We welcome them all with open heart and compassionate arms.

We once again request all to help AIGETOA in attaining its objectives by electing AIGETOA as representative association by casting the vote on Serial Number 3 – All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association.

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