Big revolution among all executives started for Pay, Pension, Promotions and
BSNL revival under the banner of AIGETOA:
Heartily Welcome to All Executives Joined in AIGETOA family:

Dear Friends,

We really overwhelmed with the response from all BSNL executives, especially BSNL Recruits who joined AIGETOA in the present Membership window. AIGETOA CHQ, welcome you to the AIGETOA Family and express our sincere gratitude for showing trust and confidence in AIGETOA. This change over window has shown, how all the executives are furiously disappointed with the performance of Ex recognised Associations where they have failed to address very basis issues of Pay, Pension & Promotions in their tenure of 3.5 years.

We assure that no one can stop us, for achieving our delayed and denied rights. Our Foremost concerns are Pay, Pension, Promotion and Profitability of BSNL and they will the prime focus of AIGETOA.

Let’s work together for a better today and safer tomorrow for all of us and BSNL as a whole.

Friends, we want a professional work culture in BSNL to regain the dignity of Executives in BSNL. We want to address the Pay & Pensionary losses (occurring on account of Pay anomalies and Superannuation dues) at the earliest. We want
immediate promotion to those who are waiting endlessly as well as a fast track promotion opportunity for our young colleagues to fulfil their aspirations of career growth. We want better medical care through Health Insurance scheme to all executives by BSNL. We assured to a create a better life for all Executives in BSNL 2.0

On this occasion, it’s our privilege to thank all my colleagues and CHQ/Circle/District OBs, who tirelessly work to spread the message of unity, honesty, integrity and dedication of AIGETOA towards our issues and the company both. At the last but not the least, we also seek support of those colleagues who couldn’t join us in this changeover window due to one reason or other but we are confident for their blessing to us in our fight for a better tomorrow in BSNL.


Warm Regards


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