SOS Call to Join AIGETOA to save your Pay, Promotion and Pension:

The Eye Opener letter by SNEA to Director HR…which clarifies their stand that they want E1 for BSNL Recruits JTO/JAOs and they don’t want 22820 to be implemented for the JTOs recruited in Pre-Revised E1A scales as well as they want to deny the interim benefit of five increments to the newly recruited JTOs/JAOs.

GS SNEA is asking to implement the Part-I of the DoT PO which so far has even BSNL has resisted to implement which states that for E1A recruited it should be Rs. 18500 as initial basic and for new Recruitees it should be E1 i.e.16,400 as
initial basic.

If This PO ( Even Part-I) is implemented then it will not only kill the prospects of E2 scales for JTO/JAO cadre for ever but also the prospects of Pay Loss issue of 22820 and Interim Benefit of E1 plus Five Increments to Newly Recruits JAOs/JTOs as after implementation of this PO, E1 scale will achieve finality.

This wrongful PO has been challenged by AIGETOA in Court also and we expect a favourable verdict in favour of E2 scale for JTO but it is really unfortunate to see that having realised that now SNEA is loosing the race, they have now started Detrimental activities to kill the prospects of BSNL Recruits for getting E2 scales for JTO and the Pay Loss issues also.

The recommendations of the Part-I of the PO dated 28.03.2017 issued by DoT is asbelow.

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1. Payof absorbed JTOs/JAOs drawing in the scale of 9850-14600 may be revised in the scale of 18850-40500 as personal to the incumbent.

2. Employee appointed to the cadre either by direct recruitment or by promotion placed in the cadre who are placed in the scale of 9850-14600 similar to the absorbed executives shall also be accorded the same pay scale of 18850-40500 as personal to the incumbent.

3.With immediate effect, new appointment to the cadre by Direct Recruitment or by promotion shall be in E1 Pay Scale of 16,400-40,500.

From the above, you can see that SNEA is asking to implement E1 for JTO/JAO grade for new comers and 18,850 to 40,500 for those who were recruited in pre-revised scale of 9850-14,600.

So SNEA is trying to kill the prospects of E2 scales at a time when MTNL-BSNL
merger is on cards and scale of JTO/JAO cadre will attain finality.

This also once again shows their adverse stand on the long pending issue of pay loss of JTOs/JAOs recruited in E1A and E2A scale (extending initial basic of 22820/-) as they are asking 18,500 basic for them. At the time of deliberations of the committee also, they derailed the whole progress and now also they are trying to kill the issue of 22820 permanently by asking BSNL to implement the interim benefit as final one.

Same type of deceitful actions have been taken by them during promulgation of MS RRs when they compromised on Time Bound Financial Upgradation instead of Time Bound Functional Promotions despite strong objection by AIGETOA, by Forgetting E2-E3 and 30% SAB at the time of implementation of 2nd PRC in BSNL and then agreeing for E1 in JTO RR 2014, just for the petty gain of regularising few officiating JTOs. Now they are again in action, this time forcefully implement a PO which is totally wrong and isdegrading the scale of the JTO cadre to E1 and will result in huge loss for all the JTOs and JAOs.

By doing this, they have made their position clear that they want BSNL Recruits to
suffer forever. This is further surprising keeping in view of the fact that a huge agitation was jointly fought by AIGETOA/SNEA against this wrong ful PO.

GS AIGETOA was served with major charge-sheet for that agitation and in fact a
quasi criminal case is still going on in Patiala House Courts against GS AIGETOA
for this.

Now the Same SNEA is asking for E1 Scales as finality for JTO cadre by asking
management to implement part-I of the PO. This will be pertinent to mention that
even management has opposed implementation of this PO, both to DoT as well as in court and have stated that PO is not in line with what has been recommended by DoT.
Its high time for them to tell that what is the compulsive reasons for their changeof stand. Why they want BSNL to implement E1 for JTO cadre.

The issue of extending interim relief of E1 plus five increments to the newly
recruited JTOs/JAOs is pending at BSNL Board and AIGETOA is committed to get that proposal approved by Board so that all the new JTOs/JAOs gets this interim benefit of E1 plus five increments.

All the JAOs/JTOs appointed in E1 cadre should remain rest assured that AIGETOA will ensure this interm benefit for them.

Now even after seeing this, any BSNL recruits supports these associations, then he will simply be killing his own career, own pay and own pension as in all these three major issues, stand of SNEA is contrary to the interests of BSNL Recruits. Friends, We once again request you to identify the true colours of the legacy associations and Join AIGETOA for securing your rights with regard to the three Ps i.e. Pay, Promotion and Pension. Consider this as a SOS call for the BSNL Recruit Fraternity. Its high time to show the doors to these legacy association.

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