We have come to know that GM SR has written a letter to SNEA and AIBSNLEA seeking their view on ending the existence of association bodies at District level. It seems that in their last ditch effort to get the MV extended, they may have agreed for this. However due to alertness of AIGETOA, they fell in their designs and neither MV nor the recognition period was extended any more.

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It is a well known fact that now mostly BRs are the OBs at District levels in all Associations. So it appears that they may have given their tacit support on this. Isn’t it quite ridiculous that after enjoying the immunity fruit for their brothers, all these years, they are now trying to snatch this right from the BSNL Recruits… It must be known to all that they do not want BRs of even their own association to avail such benefits. It shows their true mindset towards BSNL Recruits.

The legacy associations even if somebody sneezes, put the news on their website… why they did not put this letter on their website… just like earlier instance when they did not flashed the news for reduction of posts by Restructuring Cell.

They must have given their concurrence silently just like what they did by hobnobbing silently for decreasing the posts… God knows what they have compromised in lieu of this. It is as good as throwing water on the pitch or running away with wickets when u become certain that you will loose the cricket match.. But AIGETOA will not let BSNL Recruits be at receiving any more. We will ensure that BR rights, BR benefits and BR interest is not compromised any more.

It’s time for introspection for the BSNL Recruits of these two associations l, whether they should continue anymore there. It’s time to leave these legacy and align under the banner of AIGETOA for the best interests of BSNL Recruits.

unity Zindabad…

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