Updates of AIGETOA Meeting with CMD BSNL:

All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma along with Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta Met CMD BSNL on 11th June 2020 and discussed the  issues of Membership Verification, Pending Promotions and Restructuring Exercise and others. On Membership Verification, CMD BSNL told that he has approved the file and Membership Verification will be held in the third week of August 2020 and the notification may be issued by next week.

On the restructuring of cadre, we shared our apprehension that this exercise is intended towards reducing the post drastically and it will result into stagnation of executives in their current cadre.
We requested CMD that on the name of restructuring, reduction in posts should not be affected in promotional grade else the career prospects of existing executives will be doomed. The CMD assured that while carrying out the restructuring works, it will be ensured that such exercise shouldn’t result into stagnation of executives and their career prospects will be kept in mind. He emphasized that purpose of restructuring is to make the organisation more vibrant and in line with the contemporary setup. CMD BSNL also told that while doing restructuring, the hierarchical/organisational structure of BSNL will be kept intact and current pyramid structure will not be dispensed away with.

The views of CMD points to the thought process of management with respect to implementation of earlier proposed CPSU Hierarchy. The perception created by some corners that policy is flawless and ready to implement by management is just a myth as it have numbers of lacunas else it wouldn’t have been lingering since last two years even after getting the nod of board as claimed by the Proclaimed Corners. So, we again reiterate, as of now, the only possibility for promotions is existing policy for which we are trying our level best despite obstacles being created by Proclaimed corners and we have a firm belief that we will succeed.

We informed CMD BSNL about the status of the current process of JTO to SDE promotions and apprised him about the AIGETOA discussions with HR team and requested him to direct concerned section to further expedite the process. We also requested him for directing the concerned HR wing for taking the steps to resolve the stalemate in promotions for other cadres to bring motivation among the executives, who are taking care of extra load on account of implementation of VRS of more than 50% of the employees. The CMD assured us that he will speak to his HR team with regard to promotions in various grades. We also requested for his kind intervention in expeditious resolution of SDE-2007 Reversal issue.

Updates of AIGETOA Meeting with Director Finance:

AIP AIGETOA and VP AIGETOA also met Director Finance and discussed over the issue of Pending SAB contribution Payment, Delay in salary payment, Funds for housekeeping activities, Restructuring Exercise and Promotions. On Pending SAB Contribution, Director Finance cited the scarcity of funds but assured us that he will try to get the funds released this month.

The Director (Finance) told us that the salary may be disbursed after 15th June 2020. We also requested Director (Finance) for release of funds for house keeping activity. Director (Finance) told us that as per availability of the funds, the corporate office is diligently releasing amount in all the heads. The situation has become more tough due to COVID-19 issue. However, they are trying to do the best possible solution in current scenario.

With regard to restructuring issue, the categorical view of Director (Finance) was that the post reduction in in restructuring exercise should not exceed the number of VRS optees in a particular cadre which means that cadre strength should be arrived at by deducting the number of VRS optees.

The Director (Finance) also appreciated the fact that massive reduction in the promotional post will result in Stagnation of executives, which will demotivate the employees and management will surely avoid that situation. Director (Finance) also assured for his intervention in securing the career prospects of executives. It is also learnt that a committee has been constituted for monitoring the restructuring exercise. On promotions, he said that he discussed with Director (HR) in this regard and he assured us that these issues shall be definitely taken care of by management in best possible manner.

Updateof Meeting with PGM (Pers) – AIP, VP and AGS CHQ met PGM Pers and had a detailed discussion over the progress on the issues pertaining to personal section.

1. JTO to SDE DPC : PGM Pers informed that the reference for legal opinion was sent to senior advocate. However, Senior Advocate told that as per practice, the same is done through AOR (Advocate on Record). Accordingly, they have processed the case for empanelment of the AOR also and the reference to AOR will be sent maximum by Monday. It is expected that within one week or so, opinion of Senior Advocate will be received which will push the JTO to SDE DPC in full throttle and issuance of promotion orders can be done accordingly. We also discussed the issue of reservation in JTO to SDE DPC.  It was told that since posts are sufficiently available, reservation will not come into the way of this promotion. It was clarified that ”Own Merit” and ”On Merit” concept comes into play only at the time of fixation of seniority in SDE cadre for promotion to AGMs. PGM Pers also informed that he has written a DO to restructuring cell to ensure that career prospects of working executives should not be hampered and accordingly drastic reduction in post should be avoided.

2.List-9 preparations : The PGM Pers told that as discussed, the reference to Senior advocate has been sent with respect to admissibility of Rota-Quota and Quota in the absence of Rota for preparation of List 9.  We emphasised that Vacancy Year Wise seniority is right of all executives and accordingly it should be ensured that Seniority should be prepared as per the guidelines issued by Government of India ( DoP&T) and vacancy year wise. PGM (Pers), though convinced by our arguments told that he will be in a position to comment only after the receipt of Legal Opinion. The reference to AOR has also been processed and the same shall be sent by Monday.

3. SDE to DE promotion : He said that issue of Own Merit and On Merit is a major challenge in the promotions and the same will have to be dealt as per the guidelines of the court. We suggested to take initiative to involve all the parties for a consensus solution. We  further requested PGM Pers to ensure that while restructuring, the current sanctioned strength should be taken as 9470 (5303 + 4167) for all calculation purposes. The case filed by SENA office bearer just after completion of massive SDE to AGM promotions in June-2018 made a serious road block for next set of DE/AGM promotions and recently there were again some sinister plans from the so called ex-recognised for selective avoidance of BSNL recruits from next set of promotions, which is countered by AIGETOA with facts and figures.

4. SDE – 2007 reversal issue :  PGM Pers told that meeting was slated to happen on Thursday but could not be held. The same will be held in next week. The issue is going in line with our discussion with Director (HR) but taking long time and we requested to expedite it.

5. We had a discussion on the management view about the implementation of the CPSU Hierarchy as being projected by some groups. It was informed that implementation of reservation guidelines is big hurdle and it is very difficult to implement as even DoP&T is not in position to comment on the same till the SLPs are pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court and any decision can only be taken with this respect after that. From the discussions, thought process was very clear and apparent with respect to implementation of the so called Half Baked CPSU policy and the same appeared completely contrary to the one which is being claimed by some corners.

Friends, we have presented a clear transparent picture of discussions which has taken place. We don’t want to keep anything hidden as we believe in honest picturization of the developments. From these discussions, you can very well infer that what is running into managements mind, what is the truth with respect to the promotional aspects.

Friends, vacancies are sufficient in all grades to take care the aspirations of all executives, be it DR batches of all Recruitment Years, all LICE Batches, All GATE 2017 Batches, List 8, List 9 etc and all we need to do is to put our united efforts in ensuring that vacancies do not get drastically reduced.

Therefore accordingly, AIGETOA is focussed with issuance of promotions through existing mechanism before restructuring instead of fiddling with any new policy which may take years to get operational on ground. We have to understand that if the CPSU policy is so flawless then why it is biting the dust since last two years of approval, as claimed. So, it is utmost important to get the promotion order issued within the framework of existing policy to ensure its completion before restructuring instead of waiting endlessly for introduction and establishing of new system.

A major show stopper all these years was (Mis)use of recognition tag by the proclaimed corners to press for their agenda and they somehow got succeeded till now by virtue of showing their numbers to management.

Now with the so called recognised corners getting de-recognised, things will definitely change and we are sure of a possible break through very soon. AIGETOA till date has fought for rights and will keep on doing the same in future also..

Just Remember – United We Win…Divided We Loose…

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