DEAR PROCLAIMED SENA – Stop the CPSU Song – Tell the truth to all:

Dear GS of the proclaimed SENA,

You are correct, the CPSU Hierarchy or Non-post based Time Bound promotion was our demand…It was AIGETOA baby…but your misdemeanours never allowed it to take birth..

We have also not forgotten that SNEA, AIBSNLEA and AIGETOA together gone for various agitations for CPSU Hierarchy. AIGETOA was part of the Joint Committee formed in 2012 and 2015 and signed the Khan Committee recommendations ?

Yes We remember but your short term memory has perhaps forgotten that – the day Khan Committee Report was signed, you started an entirely different interpretation of the report very next day. Your website is testimony of this fact. Just go through that and refresh your memory…if you can.

During the discussions on MS RRs, it was your association along with other constituent which agreed for time bound up gradation instead of Implementation of Time bound Post based Promotions…In the process you ditched all BSNL Recruits…who fought with their heart soul and mind to implement the time bound post based promotions…If you have willpower, unmask your old website content and show the reality to all, how you and your proclaimed SENA had ditched BSNL Recruits every now and then…

Yes.. GS/AIGETOA was part of the discussions along with GS/SNEA and contributed whole-heartedly by getting the changes which were beneficial like  Parity between LDCE and SCF SDEs, relaxation to E2/E3/E4 executives in terms of residency period, replacement of JTO Scales by E2 and reduction of residency period to 3-4 years for JTOs and 8-10 years for SDEs but again you back tracked…and surrendered to management by compromising with the future of not only BSNL Recruits but youngsters of your own association, This you did silently by hobnobbing with management without letting GS AIGETOA Know. This uncalled for behaviour was formally informed by us to your president as well as Chairman…so…don’t try to put the blame…be a man…accept the truth that you don’t want BSNL Recruits to be promoted…It was categorically agreed that before implementation of this policy all eligible executives as per current policy will be promoted specially JTOs to SDEs but you again back tracked…It was agreed that an internal fast track promotion policy will replace MT RRs, so that our younger brothers and sisters can recoup their lost years…but you again back tracked.

You and your people went to management and opposed DPCs/LDCEs…You agreed for external recruitment of MT in lieu of your people being made DEs/AGMs…You got internal fast track promotion policy which would have benefited all youngsters put in cold storage..  and you started singing the song in synch with management.. People elected you as Representative to the executive but you started behaving like a Spokesperson on behalf of Management. Still you are doing the same.. Instead of opposing the wrongs like reduction in posts, your are simply acting as a news reader and informing all about management thought process. The list is endless…Sins are many, evidences are many…

Yes, We say it with conviction that implementation of this Half Baked CPSU policy is a wishful thinking as in current form it can neither be implemented nor it will sustain the test of law.., BSNLin its own affidavit has submitted this fact that this policy is in proposal stage…and board has allowed it subject to the implementation of the Govt of India reservation policy.. but your whimsical thought process forgot to inform people about it.

The same reservation policy for which opinion has been sought from DoT which in turn has sent it to DPE which in turn sent it to DoP&T and apparently DoP&T has replied that they are not in a position to comment on the policy till SLPs are pending in Hon’ble Supreme Court and you are telling all that this policy is the best solution…come on…be a mature person.. stop fiddling with the careers of BSNL Recruits and DOT Recruit executives of Later years…

Dear GS of the proclaimed corner. You forgot to inform people about the above fact. you forgot to inform people that policy has been limping not because of AIGETOA or its activists but the same has been limping because there is no clarity on this subject.. i.e. Subject of Reservation Policy. You are well aware of this fact that even if AIGETOA says Yes to this policy…it will not be implemented.

AIGETOA Agenda is very clear – We want promotions for all…
We would have accepted your half cooked promotion policy also.. but we know it will never be implemented in its current form.. it needs thorough overhauling and a complete relook into the whole subject..  You say, you are the only association which is entitled to comment on policy matters.. then what all these two years you were doing with your majority tag.. Why U could not get it implemented…You call yourself the mightiest…Had it been implementable, you would have got it implemented by now.. you have (mis)used your so called recognised tag many times.. you could have done now also.. But you also know the truth. This policy has been put in Junk…by BSNL as well as DoT.. Be A man…Tell the truth to all. Just give us one justified explanation for the two days before issuance of post based promotions in AGM cadre by creating new posts. If you were so serious and sure on implementation of new policy vis-a-vis 01.07.2018, why you demanded post based promotions by way of creating new posts…on 28.06.2018, 29.06.2018.

You are writing lengthy-lengthy write-ups and accusing AIGETOA but why you are avoiding this basic question…Be a Man…Answer the million dollar question.

You could have pressed for implementation of CPSU policy at that time also but you didn’t because you did not wanted to put the future of your people in jeopardy…in the same way AIGETOA also don’t want future of our BSNL Recruits to be put in jeopardy..  After all association works for welfare of its fraternity. Isn’t it?

You yourself have filed a court case on its implementation. You must have received the reply of BSNL. We request you to share that reply in common domain.. which will spell many facts to all  and yes don’t forget to inform your members, What management said to you with regard to implementation of CPSU hierarchy...also inform all whether management wants to implement the policy or not. As per You, Policy is approved by Board. Then why approved policy is being again taken to Management Committee…for implementation or rejection.. Be a man.. Tell the truth..So dear GS of the proclaimed SENA…We once again request you to stop this song for a while and let the promotions through DPC happen…Every Time we put this on track, you start the song of CPSU Hierarchy.. After all you only say many BRs are your member. Why you are working against their interests.

Together Lets work on promotions for all and Internal fast track promotions (Not Recruitment) for the deserving youngsters.. Its our honest appeal. Don’t ruin the careers of all…

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