The So Called Majority Association is Trying to Eat Away 2 percent of SAB Contribution of BSNL Recruits:

In one of the nastiest and blatant display of stubbornness, the so called majority association is trying to eat away 2 Percent SAB contribution of BSNL Recruits. In his latest communication to management, they have mentioned the current SAB Contribution amount as on date to be 25 percent, while the actual contribution as on date is less than the amount stated by them in the letter. In the meeting of AUAB with CMD BSNL, (The meeting which he is referring to in his communication),

Management has categorically accepted the demand of raising the contribution by another 7% in two trenches. In the first trench, it was to be given 3% and in the other trench, another 4% was to be given. 
But its unfortunate that the
GS of the so called proclaimed corner  is twisting the facts and projecting the agreed amount being less despite himself being the signatory to the minutes of the discussions.Perhaps, in the quest for proving one upmanship of his own wishful thought process, he has forgotten his own discussions as member of the AUAB in which the then GS AIGETOA was also present.

The joint letter signed by all the constituents of AUAB is
attached herweith >>>>>
which is testimony of the fact that he is projecting about the discussions in a wrong way.

This incidence shows the callousness of the thought process of the so called Proclaimed SENA and how they are handling the issues related to BSNL Recruits as well other executives. While management has agreed for 7 percent more, they themselves are asking for 2 percent less and one particular BR Leader in question justifying the stand of his master words will become short if we start writing about these type of persons… 

The callous approach towards BSNL Recruits of the Proclaimed SENA is also visible from the fact that actuarial value of the fund which needs to be created to take care of BSNL Recruits Post Retirement Medical Benefits is being touted and accepted by him as BSNL Contribution towards Superannuation Benefit…This is his vision towards issues of BSNL Recruits Actually He may have never known the difference between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution Scheme He has never got deep into the subject…He used to write EPF as Employee Pension Fund…So this is not a surprise that he doesn’t know that only Defined Contribution can be counted in Superannuation Fund…Neither him, his Cronies like a so called BR leader in question (who claim himself as representative of BSNL Recruits of a particular circle) will know this fact…as they are merely whatsapp champions. Such type of people, after getting posts in some association claim themselves to be representatives of BSNL recruits but do the work opposite to the interest of BSNL recruits just to appease their master.

This is totally uncalled for…At least Wherever we remain alligned to, as a leader, we should have the guts to Say the truth…

This also proves the fact that only AIGETOA can pursue the issues of BSNL Executives with full honesty, dedication and commitment…

This episode also exposes his hollowness in his wishful thought process with regard to implementation of the half baked CPSU hierarchy policy with have so many complexities…We have said again and again that any new policy should be rugged and flawless, then only it can be implemented.

Therefore, only solution that remains is to call for previous vacancies should be filled up first with existing policy before moving to adventurism with any new mechanism to safeguard the interest of executives from any future hazard.

Dear BSNL Recruits…Just See the above, and decide for

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