GS-AIGETOA have discussed with Director HR for resolution of various Issues:

GS AIGETOA have discussed yesterday with Director-HR and requested him to direct all sections to expedite the resolution of various issues as per the timelines in the agenda meeting held with AIGETOA on 22-05-2020. Following issues were discussed with the Director HR and he was apprised of the delay happening on some issues and the time line not being followed by some sections.

The issues discussed are as below:

1SDE Reversal Issue: Despite the assurance to get the same resolved by 31st May, Committee is yet to submit its recommendation. The executives are suffering for months now. We requested him to direct the committee to expedite the report. Team AIGETOA again met the committee members and requested to expedite. All the committee members have till now shown a positive outlook on the issue and we hope for its resolution very soon.

2.Preparation of List 9: On the list 9, as per discussions, We once again emphasised that clarification on all the points raised by us including applicability of quota in the absence of Rota needs to be taken from the senior advocate dealing with the case.We requested Director HR for directing the Pers team to ensure that the whole issue be presented without any bias and explain all the facts so that the Senior Advocate can take a well informed decision.

3.LDCE notification: We informed Director HR that the LDCE for SDE (T) has not been issued yet despite a clear cut direction on the subject by Hon’ble Director HR on many occasions. The GM Recruitment has been delaying the notification for almost months now.

Team AIGETOA also met GM (Rectt) and expressed it’s firm displeasure on the undue delay by her section.Director HR assured GS, that he will direct the concerned sections to not todelay the things and take expeditious action.
Thereafter, Team AIGETOA CHQ met and discussed with authorities of Pers section and discussed about the proposed methodology w.r.t legal opinion for list -9 formation which is being sought. With respect to DPC from JTO to SDE (T) cadre, it is informed that the case has been sent to the senior advocate dealing with the case and his view is expected shortly.In the meanwhile, contrary to the view points expressed by some proclaimed corners, it is learntĀ  PGM ( Pers) has written to sections dealing with restructuring exercise to not to go for reduction in posts in the promotional cadres as it will result into huge stagnation of executives into their existing cadres. PGM pers has requested to consider the restructuring exercise in holistic manner so that career prospects of executives do not suffer adversely.

This was the point expressed by AIGETOA and we are thankful to PGM Pers and Personnel section for having taken a considerate view. We hope BSNL board will also keep the interest of executives in mind while deciding the restructuring of BSNL. This also shows that management is serious on promotional aspects and hence we request all groups to work unitedly for achieving something which is in existence and not to experiment with something which is illusionary and not possible due to the complexities associated with the new policy. If unitedly we can ensure that posts are not reduced, no executives hereafter will stagnate without promotion. It will take years to streamline a new policy and we hope that all realises the reality soon and will come out of the illusion/mirage of CPSU policy.

Our categorical view point is that as sufficient vacancies are available across all cadre to take care of the interests of all executives, hence, the priority should be to restrict management from going for reduction in posts. Going for any new policy will make all existing vacancies redundant and if new policy do not take shape on ground, then nothing except stagnation will be left for anybody. So, better approach is to ensure promotion from existing mechanism for BSNL Recruits also as was being done and pushed earlier for DoT absorbed executives by the same group who is advocating today for a new policy for BSNL Recruits.

So we urge upon all to not to fall trap into illusion and confusion tactics.. instead let us all work together to achieve what is best for the cadre and get theĀ  promotions issued for all eligible executives which is right now possible only through existing mechanism.Had the new policy been so Easy to implement, why it is put in cold storage for almost two years despite the group advocating for it was having recognised status for three and half years..Try to find answers to such questions and then only you will realise the truth. Remember “A Bird in the Hand is Worth Two in the Bush” meaning it’s better to hold onto something one has already than to risk losing it by trying to attain something better which is still in premature stage.

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