SDE Reversal Issue – Term of Reference of Committee pronounced:

As assured in meeting dated 22.05.2020 with AIGETOA and updated earlier, the proper Terms of Reference (TOR) along with all documents have been circulated to all committee members and as per assurance in the meeting, committee is meeting today i.e. 26.05.2020. The committee has been given a clear mandate in line with the discussions held with AIGETOA.

We hope that committee considers the issue in a positive way as per the commitment given by management to our association. We time and time again has emphasized that the clause 12(5) of SDE RR 2002 was applicable as replied by corporate office through its clarification dated 16.04.2007 on queries raised by various circles and hence all those 2001 JTOs, who were allowed to appear in LDCE-2007 using this clause are legitimate as per the applicability of clause in AIEL. This has not been rejected by any court of law and any modification in the clause 12(5) of SDE RR 2002 on later dated of LDCE Exam i.e. 15.07.2007 by BSNL Corporate Office, New Delhi can?? be applied retrospectively. We are thankful to Director (HR) in understanding the case after we briefed him in detail in our first meeting on 16.11.2019 and taking appositive and justified stand to resolve it.

We also hope that some Associations will not do any mischief behind the back as recently; role of one of the so called messiahs came to light in serving the first show cause notice to Tamil Nadu candidate?? years ago. It was brought to our notice from some sources that the concerned person who is projecting himself as messiah has been the main brain behind the First show cause notice being served in Tamil Nadu and start of this whole mischief. We request all the sufferers to not to fall prey to such guys and instead request them to do the fact finding to know and catch the real culprit.

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