The Credit Mongers are into the derailing business again – This time on SDE Reversal issue : Recently some associations who were simply sleeping on the issues pertaining to BSNL Recruits have suddenly became active. One such issue is the SDE reversal issue and the same has been assured by Director HR to AIGETOA that this issue will be resolved within this month. However, it is sad to see that some associations instead of precipitating the issue in a proper way, are simply doing just the opposite and raising apprehension in the mind of committee
members. However our team is active enough to sense their malicious campaign and have apprised the committee members about the details of this issue. We have also submitted another set of bulleted points made by our Chennai/TN team to the HR team.

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The so called crusaders are so indulged into anti BR activity that instead of making things clear to management , they are doing just the opposite. Another glaring example for this is their so called CPSU Hierarchy proposal. After singing the song of stoppage of promotions by AIGETOA and its activists, they have suddenly changed the records and now are singing that promotion can not happen due to reservation issue. This is a simple derailing strategy as now when we have set the things in right direction, they are going to management and telling them to do just the opposite. The burning proof is that the second lieutenant who was vociferously opposing CPSU Hierarchy Proposal have now joined hands with them and together they are destroying the future of BSNL Recruits.

However, AIGETOA will not let them do this and we will ensure the resolution of the issues come what may.. enough is enough.. we have exercised enough patience.. now we will teach all those who are into this derailing technique, a suitable lesson.

So, Once again we request all BSNL Recruits to analyse, realise and conceptualise the reality and join hands together under the larger umbrella of AIGETOA for a final settlement of our issues.

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