GS-AIGETOA writes to the CMD BSNL to roll back the order of curtailment in ceiling of with voucher outdoor medical reimbursement and start of without-voucher facility with 12.5 days pay (Basic+DA) along with MEDICLAIM POLICY for indoor treatment for executives working in the company and start of PRMB Fund for BSNL Recruited executives immediately. He also cautioned the management to keep the interests of working executives on priority while framing
policies instead of retired employees as the working class are the real warriors, who is earning for the company even in this pandemic of COVID-19. He demanded to implement the following immediately.

Immediate restoration of the outdoor medical facility with-voucher ceiling to 23 days of pay (Basic+DA) as existing earlier for the working employees of BSNL. Immediate start of outdoor medical facility without-voucher with 12.5 days of pay (Basic+DA) as existing earlier for the working employees of BSNL. Start of Mediclaim Policy for Indoor Treatment for working Executives. It is important to note that the average age of executives has reduced significantly after VRS in BSNL. Hence EMI for mediclaim policy of Rs 10 Lakhs will be significantly low and in fact a better option for both executives as well as the department. It will also reduced engagement of man power on this account which has already depleted in post VRS. Hence, the mediclaim policy should be implemented at the earliest for executives at least. Immediate start of Post Retirement Medical Benefit (PRMB) fund for BSNL Recruited Executives in line with the 2nd PRC Recommendations implemented in BSNL. The matter has been discussed time and again and management has assured on many occasions to start the PRMB Fund but the same has not been started till date. Hence, it must be started w.e.f 01.01.2007 for the BSNL recruited executives with suitable institutions to ensure proper coverage of medical expenses on post retirement for BSNL recruited executives also. Immediate payment of all outstanding dues of medical bills for working employees of BSNL.
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