Much Awaited Promotions in JTO to SDE Cadre Issued with Consistent, Perseverant & result oriented approach of AIGETOA :

Congratulations to all the Executives, who are promoted to the SDE !!!

Contrary to the update by the other association and other groups who have ruled out promotions, and in line with the updates shared by AIGETOA wherein we said it will definitely come, the much awaited promotion orders for 228 JTOs has been issued. AIGETOA has been pursuing the orders and finally succeeded in getting it issued.

AIGETOA has always been pragmatic in approach. We sincerely believe in perseverance and getting the results instead of crying over the hurdles and obstacles. Our Team Intervened in the case, got a clarification issued and thereafter the DPC process was set in motion and finally today orders were issued.

Click here for Promotion Order

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Today AIGETOA has once again proved that what others called as IMPOSSIBLE, AIGETOA believe in making it as I M Possible.

Had the stay would not have been obtained by the back end team of one particular group, more 300 SDEs from AIEL3 would have got promoted followed by all others in the List. We once again request them to reconsider their approach and instead try for getting the things resolved within the organization. AIGETOA assures that all eligible JTOs shall be promoted very soon.

Keep supporting us.

The only substitute for AIGETOA is Even More Strong AIGETOA.

We extend our heartfelt thanks to Hon’ble CMD BSNL, Hon’ble Director HR, PGM Pers, PGM SR, Joint GM (Pers), DGM (Pers) and all other team members involved in the process.

We once again congratulate all those who have been promoted and reassure others that very soon we will get your orders also issued.

Similarly we will ensure resolution of other pending issues also.