Meeting with Dir HR on EPF Higher Pension Option :

A meeting was held by BSNL Management with all unions and associations today at 16:00 Hrs wrt submission of EPF Higher Pension. On behalf AIGETOA, the meeting was attended by Sh Ansal Mohammed along with President AIGETOA Sh Veerabhadra Rao.

In line with our earlier discussions, it is informed that BSNL will be giving a certificate stating the compliance of para 26(6) and the contributions made there of to each employee so as to enable the aspirants to upload along with the enhanced pension option online link. The certificate and undertaking will be made available through ESS portal within a week. It is also a matter of pride that Dir HR has mentioned about recent judgement by Hon’ble HC Kerala and its relevance which was fought by AIGETOA and it’s OBs. We have also submitted the clearance on EPF act -1952 (where para 26(6) is applicable) and EPS-1995 scheme where the 11(3)/11(4) enhanced pension option is envisaged and in line with Hon’ble SC Judgement dated 4/11/2022. Association submitted that to make full proof on the 26(6) matter, the joint option signed by employee and employer also may be submitted to respective RPFCs and a copy of the same may be made available for employee to submit along with the higher option along with the certificate by BSNL. This can be done as per Hon’ble HC Kerala judgement on WP(c) 13120/2015 and connected cases where BSNL employees are also parties, directed to EPFO that the options on 26(6) need to processed without insistence on a date.