Meeting of Team AIGETOA with CMD BSNL:

Today, Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Wasi Ahmad GS, Shri Badri Mehta VP, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS and Shri Vivek Kumar Singh OS met CMD BSNL. It was first meeting of GS AIGETOA with the CMD BSNL after becoming the Majority Representative Recognised Association on his visit to Corporate Office New Delhi and he presented a flower bouquet to CMD BSNL. The meeting discussed about the BSNL revival issues, Salary issue, Promotion issues and Seniority issues briefly. A detailed formal meeting will happen in next few days on the agenda points submitted on the BSNL revival measures and other points by AIGETOA.

It was informed to us that the process for floating BSNL bonds have been completed and the bond prospectus has been submitted in Bombay Stock Exchange. Government of India has extended Sovereign Guarantee to an extent of 8500 crores as a part of revival package and BSNL is expecting to raise this much amount from the bond issue.

We extend our deep appreciation to the finance team dealing with the bond issue process who has completed this work well before schedule. Shri B K Mehta VP CHQ AIGETOA was also part of this team. We are very much hopeful that the estimated amount will be achieved by BSNL through it and this will improve liquidity of cash. The financial improvement will bring some respite to the employees also in terms of salary and other dues. We have also demanded to regularise the salary from next month as it is creating serious troubles in day to day life.

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