Meeting of NTR District Body of Rajasthan chapter held on 23.10.2020:

A meeting of AIGETOA Rajasthan NTR was organised online on ZOOM on date 23.10.2020. The meeting was graced by All India President Shri Ravi Shil Verma, GMM NTR Shri Rakesh Goyal and Circle Secretary Rajasthan Shri P N Sharma and presided by Circle President Shri Aditya Vijaivargiya & hosted by ACS Rajasthan Shri Sunil Sharma. All OBs of Rajasthan AIGETOA Circle body and all members of NTR Rajasthan attended the general body meeting.

In his address, Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP assured the members of NTR that the hardship faced has already raised will be taken up further by CHQ Team at appropriate level. He also mentioned that in upcoming meeting with CMD, point of maintenance region has been included in the agenda and will be given due care. He also made the participants aware about progress on cadre issues and assured that good news may come to us regarding promotions very soon despite the obstruction created by various so called corners. He also appraised the status on Pay Loss and the efforts initiated in the direction as well as all other issues in detailed.

In address to the gathering by Sh Rakesh Goyal, GMM NTR, has mentioned that all the issues are in his knowledge and every step will be taken care by management to reduce the stress up to minimum. It was assured that all expenses will be recouped soon without curtailment and some route parties will also be made operational whereas required. He has appreciated the efforts of our NTR executive’s team to make CPAN fully operational and resultant increase in the availability of network. Shri P N Sharma also raised the hardship being faced by the NTR executives is quite miserable and urged GMM Sh. Rakesh Goyal to please take care of it. The Circle Secretary also thanked all the participants to be available in such a large number for the meeting. After detailed discussion on various issues, a new district body was formed unanimously with District President, District Secretary and Dist Finance Secretary as detailed below:

  1. Shri Pankaj Kumar Jain – District President, NTR Rajasthan Chapter
  2. Shri Bhanu Madhur – District Secretary, NTR Rajasthan Chapter
  3. Shri Rajkumar Sikarwar – Treasurer

At the end, Circle President Shri Aditya Vijayvargiya given vote of thanks to the AIP, GMM NTR, Circle Secretary and all OBs and participants of the meeting and congratulated the newly elected district body of NTR Rajasthan.

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