Live interactive Session by AIGETOA CTD on EPS’95 Higher Pension on 03.02.2023

AIGETOA-CTD, the Kolkata chapter of AIGETOA had arranged a live interactive session on its YouTube channel over EPS’95 HIGHER PENSION SCHEME. The session was held on 03.02.2023 from 07:00 pm to 09:30 pm. The event was open for all, irrespective of any association/union affiliation.

The session was organized by team AIGETOA-CTD and conducted by Shri Manish Sood and Shri Saikat Das. The whole team has replied each and every query asked by the viewers during the session.

An overwhelming response was received during the live session from a huge number of BSNL employees from different parts of the country.

AIGETOA CHQ conveys its heartfelt thanks to the Kolkata team and all the participants in that event.

Further queries, if any, may be sent to for suitable reply.

The YouTube video link of that session is as follows.