Let the Good Sense Prevail, Dear Support Association..Let the Good Sense Prevail:

With regard to Nasty Publishing on the website of our friendly association, all we would like to say is that may God bless them with good sense. May God give them power to come to the terms of reality. With regard to their denial of objection on publishing of list 9, we dare them to submit to management their stand on finalization of seniority i.e. if they have guts, they should submit their stand on seniority fixation in the cadre of SDE. Why they are hiding their stand. Why don’t they come up clearly on the issue. Instead of uttering useless sentences on their website, they should clear the confusion and submit their stand on the method of seniority fixation i.e. whether it should be on DOJ or VY basis. Their acceptance that they are waiting for circle secretaries itself shows the truth how much they care for BSNL recruits on such a crucial issue. Another bare fact is this also that despite the mandate from their CWC years before, they have not made their stand clear as the mandate of CWC was benefitting competitive quota people.

We would also like to advise them that instead of twisting the statements of our leaders, they should download the AIGETOA Shapath Patra and go through that in detail and study that before making useless and funny statements on their lie machine i.e. their Website. Their association ruled in BSNL for the last 20 years and what they did to cadre is visible to everybody. In fact in the last 43 months of their majority period, what they have done is also known to everyone. After damaging the whole executives cadre all these years, isn’t it surprising and funny that they want AIGETOA to correct all the wrongdoings of legacy associations in one month. This shows their immaturity and hollowness of their thought process.

Their veiled malafide intention is also visible in their sentence when they say that they want to see how issues are resolved  in one month clearly states their malicious intention that they will try to spoil the solutions. 

Their Lies are further exposed from the fact that they are mentioning that Shri Piyush Garg is representing their association while he is actually representing the Executive Side. This statement is one more proof of their shallow thought process. Further fund is allotted by Director (Finance) and the same was being followed by AIGETOA consistently. In fact the payment was to be cleared upto Jan-2020, whose proposal was initiated on our efforts in July itself but due to limitation of fund it was paid upto Nov-2019. We again reiterate that we are committed for the cause and ensure that the SAB upto date payment is made at the earliest and it is our duty also as Majority Representative Association. It is AIGETOA which has been following the payments under the head of EPF and SAB and ensuring its payment not only for executives but also for non-executives i.e. all BSNL Recruits in General. However we don’t have any issues with anybody claiming credit for the goodwork.

However, we still welcome them with open arms to be part of the solution instead of trying to derail the resolutions. We fail to understand the reasons for their heartburn. They should respect the mandate of people and support the majority recognised representative association AIGETOA in resolution of the pending issues. After all association is made for welfare of executives not for politics. We sincerely hope that they come to the terms of reality very soon and lend a constructive hand to AIGETOA  instead of obstructing the process. They should act as a support association not as an opposition association. 

We know that all these 43 months, they have worked as representatives of their members, but AIGETOA assures them that it will work as representative of all executives and will not work like them who were confined to their membership only. Hereafter we will ignore their useless and funny statements and AIGETOA  will concentrate on the resolution of long pending issues instead of getting into one to one  and unnecessary arguments with them.

बंधू, आपके द्वारा दिए हुए बीस वर्ष के गड्ढे भरने में कुछ तो समय लगेगा । आप से अनुरोध है के थोड़ा धैर्य रखें और सिस्टम को ठीक करने में सहयोग दें । AIGETOA के सहयोग से हमें पूरा विश्वास है कि सबलोग BSNL में एक बेहतर कल ज़रूर देखेंगे । धन्यवाद ।

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