Humble Appeal for continuance of the AIGETOA – SEWA BSNL alliance in the forth coming Membership Verification of Associations

GS AIGETOA appeals to GS SEWA seeking the support of SEWA BSNL on continuance of the AIGETOA-SEWA BSNL alliance in the forth coming Membership Verification of Associations. GS AIGETOA highlighted the achievements which were achieved together. AIGETOA CHQ Team lead by General Secretary AIGETOA Shri Ravi Shil Verma, All India President Sh G Veerabhadra Rao, Dy GS Sh Pavan Akhand, AGSs Sh Yogendra Kumar & Sh Sunil Gautam personally handed over the letter seeking support to GS SEWA Sh N D Ram.

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Together we both have an impressive track record of executing the delayed promotions in various cadres like SDE(T), AGM(T), Electrical, Civil wings etc, clearance of Rule-8 transfers , positive efforts in EPF full pension matter and ensured a complete transparency in the transfer and postings in BSNL and have demonstrated an unwavering commitment for serving & advocating for BSNL employees.  Together, we have been able to resolve many stalemates which were lingering on in BSNL for years and the latest one being implementation of DoP&T guidelines wrt Reservation in Promotions wherein now a non-ambiguous decision has been taken by BSNL management with due concurrence of DoP&T putting an end to the years of dispute.

We  have  been  together  able to  protect  the  constitutional  rights of the  SC/ST executives and also the legitimate rights of others. We have been able to clear the backlog SC/ST quota by getting the supplementary DPCs across all cadres. Now we remain duty bound to resolve the various seniority disputes and execute the long awaited promotions across various cadres and streams like DGM (Adhoc to DGM Regular, DE to DGM, SDE to AGM promotions, AO to CAO promotions for all eligible candidates. Settlement of Pay Scale, Pay loss issues, 3rd PRC and 30% SAB remains some important milestones to achieve in near future.

AIGETOA firmly believes that by continuing our bondage, we can amplify our voices and strengthen the collective impact. By extending your esteemed support and endorsement to AIGETOA for the forthcoming membership verification, we can work collaboratively continue to bring positive change, address pressing issues, and protect the interests of our fraternity. AIGETOA firmly believes in fostering collaboration among associations to maximize collective impact. We are committed to work along with SEWA BSNL and other like-minded associations to leverage our combined strengths and achieve the shared objectives. Being the recognized executive association, the tireless efforts of AIGETOA have made tangible difference in the promotional and career progression aspects. We are grateful for the commitment you have shown to our unity and we also acknowledge that due to Covid outbreak and bad stint of BSNL finances, we couldn’t capitalize some of the major concerns related with pay & pension. At the same time the packages and support extended from government of India and with the support of each and every employees, the organization is coming back to its glorious period.

At this time presence of a formidable team at the helm of the affairs is an imminent necessity. Accordingly, We firmly believe that our alliance will continue in the best interest of BSNL and its executives.