Guidelines for Processing cases of SPS for BSNL DRs

Ever since VRS took place, AIGETOA consistently endeavoured for streamlining the SAB pension process and making the funds up to date. Finally, with our consistent pursuance and follow up, AIGETOA has been able to put the whole process on track and the pension mechanism has been defined now. A major part of outstanding contribution has also been credited to the fund and remaining balance has been assured to be cleared by March 2022.

We are pursuing to convince management to deposit 30% SAB and the date of effect be made from the start once there is some improvement in financial conditions. BSNL is also moving on right path and we are very sure that day is not very far when we will be able to achieve the full resolution of Pay and Pension issues.

Let’s move together to strengthen AIGETOA to achieve our long pending HR issues related to Pay, Pension and Promotions.

Click here for the letter issued by BSNL CO with respect to streamlining of SAB pension process

AIGETOA believes in working selflessly and let the results do the talking instead of writing misleading updates on website.

We are very sure, change must have been visible to all, after we took over as Majority Association. Despite the most unfavorable conditions and pandemic situation, we have been able to make much inroads on all the major issues Slowly and steadily, we assure you that we will take all issues to resolution.