Flash News – Update on Notional Promotions:

As intimated earlier that after consistent follow up by Team AIGETOA with management regarding notional promotion from 2018 for the AGM’s whose DPC was completed in June 2018 but promotion orders were issued in November 2022, VC was called. Now VC of all those AGMs have been received in the vigilance Section. AIGETOA is pursuing hard to get the orders issued as early as possible and we are likely to achieve the same by next week.

Dear Friends, with issuance of this Notional Promotions, decks will be cleared for regularization of provisional promotions held in 2018 and their seniority finalization. Almost all the roadblocks in the regularization of these AGMs are clear now. Once these promotions held in 2018 are regularised, the posts available in DGM grade can be used for further promotions. This will open the doors of many more promotions from AGM to DGM, SDE to AGM and JTO to SDE, as per the methodology proposed by AIGETOA. The AIGETOA CHQ Team is working hard to achieve the desired results of promoting all eligible executives across various streams and grades.