Flash News: Update of E2-E3 court case by AIGETOA

Today, Standard Pay Scale Case at Hon’ble CAT Chandigarh was listed for hearing. But due to some busy schedule of Hon’ble Judge who is also handling Jammu CAT cases through VC, case did not came up for hearing. At present there is only one double bench available. As per info received soon another double bench will join, then case hearing will definitely speed up.

AIGETOA Team was present in CAT as always. Beside Punjab Team, Sh Sunil Gautam AGS CHQ, Sh Manish Anand DS East CTD, Sh Smurti Ranjan Sahoo DS North CTD was there to pursue since morning.

Initially, next date was given as 11.10.2023 but on sincere pursuance by AIGETOA team it was preponed on dated 05.09.2023.

We expect hearing to take place on next date. Have faith and support us in our endeavors.