Cranky Crocodile Tears of Proclaimed SENA – Attempt to Derail the JTO to SDE DPC Excercise

As per the latest website update of SNEA, it is very clear that they are not only trying to confuse and make management afraid but are also trying to instigate members of AIGETOA and SEWA. We want to put on record that updates about AIGETOA as stated in their website are far from facts and are totally baseless.

As far as the stand of AIGETOA is concerned, we have requested management to complete the DPC for full AIEL-I and AIEL-II now and immediately start the preparatory exercise for covering AIEL-III. As far as reservation issues are concerned, Management has assured us that they will take care of everybody’s interest. The whole AIEL-II shall be covered and the left out unfilled vacancies from any quota, shall be filled up through supplementary DPC, if the need arises. All the promotions will be subject to review in accordance with various court directions. This is what has been updated to us and we don’t find anything wrong in this approach of management in the prevailing circumstances when a total full stop was almost put up on promotions because of the acts of the same proclaimed SENA earlier.

The intent of management in ensuring maximum promotions shall have to be understood with a positive approach instead of portraying the steps in negative directions by our sister association. A meeting at the highest level took place on 30th November, as assured to us by Hon’ble CMD BSNL. He was considerate enough to have this meeting on Holiday due to his hectic busy schedule on working days and it is learnt that conclusive actions are to take place very shortly. It will be worth mentioning that after herculean efforts both from our association as well as management, today we can visualise JTO to SDE DPC at any moment now which was pushed to back burners for almost two years due to the same misleading tactics of our sister association earlier.  Perhaps SNEA wants executives to wait for another 20 years for promotions by telling their half cooked stories on reservation. We totally denounce such derailing and misleading tactics from SNEA and updating false information about AIGETOA on their website.  Instead of trying to mislead or discourage all, they should in fact support the current DPC process which will open up the gates of promotions for all.

It seems that our sister association is in a big hurry to conclude everything by itself and trying to instigate all by writing half cooked facts. Their words on the website indicate that they don’t want full AIEL-II to be covered for promotions which in other words means they want the 2008 batch to be left out. We don’t understand why they are hell-bent on leaving the 2008 batch from the promotions. First they raised the non-contentious issues during AIEL II preparation which lead to delay in AIEL II Publishing and now when DPC is about to be convened, they again want that AIEL-II should not be covered fully. We are surprised to learn that today they are going to management and trying to install the apprehensions in management mind but they completely forgot all these concepts when promotions in JTO to SDE cadre was done in June 2018 despite adverse court directions. They forced ST quota list to be left out in June 2018 JTO to SDE promotions despite availability of sufficient number of candidates but today they are shedding crocodile tears. They are simply trying to create a divide amongst the executives and derail the ongoing exercise which has been put on track after a lot of efforts from association as well as management side. 

Now that all their gimmicks have failed, they have opted for this route to stop the DPC process but we reassure them that we will not allow them to succeed in such negative exercises.  Each and every executive including their own members are aware of what they are trying to do with these half cooked updates. In our opinion, having failed in stopping the DPC process altogether, now they are trying to stop the 2008 batch from getting promoted by raising one and other issue every now and then. Their each and every update with regard to JTO to SDE DPC is full of negativities which is sufficient proof of their ill intents to stop the process at any cost. 

However, we request executives not to get trapped in all these instigations. They are simply trying to invoke crab culture which will lead ultimately to everybody’s fall. Any sane mind can understand that the first priority should be to ensure promotion; all other issues like notional promotions/seniority and other things can be settled in due course of time. The path followed is the best and only path in current scenario. None of us want to wait for endless years for our promotions by believing on the words of our sister association. AIGETOA is fully committed to ensure that the whole AIEL II is covered for promotion orders so that the preparatory exercise for AIEL III can be started immediately to ensure promotion for the next batches. We further state that there is no cause to worry from these insinuations of our sister association as they are only intending to digress the main issue of promotion by raising non-existent fears.  We all should move ahead with positivity and we are moving ahead with positive thoughts which only can ensure the upliftment of our executive fraternity, which has been pushed 20 years backwards by the erstwhile Proclaimed Corners and these legacy era associations.

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