Congratulations and Tribute to the brave mountaineers from BSNL Kerala Circle :

Mountaineering is a demanding and perilous endeavor that requires immense physical and mental strength, as well as a deep understanding of the natural world. It is indeed a proud moment for all of us to celebrate the remarkable achievements of our colleagues in the field of mountaineering. AIGETOA Kerala applauds and offer our tributes the following brave mountaineers from BSNL Kerala Circle for their dedication, passion and for being shining examples of human courage and resilience.

Sh Sudeep C (AGM Kannur) & Sh Gokuldas C N (JTO Kannur) – Conquered Mt. Kilimanjaro – the highest peak of African continent and world’s highest free standing mountain.

Smt. Neethu S (SDE Kollam) – Completed Kuari pass Trekking summit (Utharkhand, India).

Their accomplishments serve as an inspiration to all, demonstrating the value of determination, teamwork, and perseverance in the face of adversity. These mountaineers exemplify the spirit of adventure and exploration, and they are a source of pride for BSNL Kerala Circle and the entire organization. Let us celebrate these proud moments and offer our heartfelt congratulations to our colleagues in BSNL Kerala Circle for their outstanding achievements in the world of mountaineering. Their accomplishments remind us of the heights that can be reached when individuals are driven by passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence.