BSNL Recruits across the nation pays homage to Late Shri Vijay Kumar Bansal and all those BSNL Recruits who left us for their heavenly abode:

In view of sudden demises of Sh. Vijay Kumar Bansal , SDE, ITPC, Chandigarh, to give a tribute to all such departed souls of BSNL Recruits and to seek attention of BSNL Management towards the precarious condition of the BSNL Recruits and their families, to raise the issue of need for revamping the BSNL Medical Scheme for providing cashless treatment and Proper/Adequate Social Security as per the existing Govt. framework and provisions made under CCS 37A and 30% Superannuation Benefits & Post Retirement Medical Benefit Scheme as per 2nd PRC, श्रद्धांजलि सभा has been organised all across the country and memorandums have been submitted to the CGM/GM/ Circle Head/BA Heads and Unit Heads.

The movement was lead by the our dynamic and senior leader Shri Ajay Kaswan and his Team by organising a Padyatra from the Manimajra Exchange to Circle Office Punjab.

Yesterday’s movement has proved the bonding and compassion which each BSNLites have for the fellow executives. While all the medical/hospital arrangement have been looked after and followed by ITPC AIGETOA Punjab Team lead by Sh. Mukul, DS ITPC on the other side AIGETOA Punjab team led by Circle Secretary Sh. Yogesh Chhabra and Shri Vikas Gupta CP gathered at Manimajra Cremation ground to give condolence to bereaved family on behalf of AIGETOA Punjab Circle.

In addition to above on the call of one of the Senior Leaders of AIGETOA Sh. Ajay Kaswan Ji a श्रद्धांजलि पद यात्रा was organised from BSNL Nodal Center Manimajra to Circle Office Punjab Telecom Circle Sector 34 C, Chandigarh. The following executives participated in the Pad Yatra:

  1. Sh. Ajay Kaswan, Senior Leader AIGETOA
  2. Sh. Amit Roy, JS (North) AIGETOA
  3. Sh. Ajit Singh, SDE NC former JS North
  4. Sh. Vikas Gupta, CP, Punjab Circle AIGETOA
  5. Sh. Ajay kajalia, FS CHD SSA
  6. Sh. Narinder Kumar, ACS, Punjab Circle AIGETOA
  7. Sh. Ramanand Srivastava ACS Punjab
  8. Sh. Vishal Chanana, Executive Member AIGETOA
  9. Sh. Sanjeev Dhiman, DS Chd SSA,
  10. Sh. Naresh Kumar, SDE NC
  11. Smt. Renu, SDE Chd SSA
  12. Sh. Vivek Asthana, SDE NC
  13. Sh. Ramakant, SDE
  14. Sanjeev Sharma. SDE NC
  15. Sh. Karan Singh Ranga SDE ITPC
  16. Sh. Sudhir Gupta SDE ITPC
  17. Sh. Harjinder singh, JTO CHD SSA

श्रद्धांजलि पद यात्रा Started in the presence of whole AIGETOA Team Punjab, from the BSNL Nodal Centre via Housing Board Chowk, Transport Chowk, Sector 26, BSNL Staff Quarters Sector 27C, CGM Residence Sector 30, Labour Chowk then Punjab Circle Office Sector 34 Chandigarh… during the march a number of BSNL recruits and their family have joined the march for the noble cause. Above team walked unstoppably around 10 Km to pay homage to all such departed souls of BSNL Recruits who have died due to bad shape of medical facility being provided by BSNL and for their families who have come on roads due to non availability of proper social security benefits despite various mandatory provisions made by Govt. vide Rule CCS 37A and 2nd PRC for BSNL recruit.

The team of Circle office led by ACS Sh. Jaspreet Singh organized a lunch hour demonstration at CGM office as per call of CHQ. Which was also joined by CS Sh. Yogesh Chhabra. After that, The delegation Led by Sh. Yogesh Chhabra Circle Secretary and Shri Vikas Gupta Circle President, Shri Amit Roy JS CHQ and Shri Ajay Kaswan (Senior Leader AIGETOA), Shri Ajit Kumar Ex JS along with all Employees who participated in foot march as mentioned above submitted memorandum signed by all the executives of Punjab Circle Office, to CGMT Punjab, with a request to forward the same to CMD BSNL for kind consideration and early resolution of this burning issue of Social Security of BSNL Recruits. Our Senior Leader Shri Ajay Kaswan explained the details of Social Security Benefits to CGM Punjab.

Simultaneously, the श्रद्धांजलि सभा was organised by AIGETOA units spread across India to pay Homage to Late Shri Vijay Kumar Bansal Ji. At BSNL Headquarters, The Shradhanajali Sabha was lead by AIGETOA CHQ and BSNL CO Circle Team. Memorandum was handed over to Honble Director HR and other officers of HR wing. Two minute silence was observed to pray for the departed soul. In a brief interaction while handing over the memorandum to Director HR, it was informed by him that a meeting was held with CMD BSNL and other HR officers on the SAB issue and association shall be shortly informed about the developments. AIGETOA has also been asked to submit details of the quantum being extended at other PSUs which we assured to submit after compiling the same.

Friends, today’s incidence has once again highlighted the need for having proper social security benefits and full 30 percent quantum for BSNL Recruits and association is committed to take all necessary actions to achieve SAB and Pay Scales in totality.

जिस प्रकार एक छोटा सा दीपक घनघोर अंधेरे को ख़तम कर देता है उसी प्रकार ये 06-May-2022 कि श्राधांजली मार्च एक आगाज है एक मुहिम की जिसका अंजाम हमे सभी बीएसएनएल रिक्रूट्स को पूर्ण रूप से सामाजिक सुरक्षा हासिल करने एवं वेतन की विसंगतियों को दूर करने तक पहुंचा के रहना है।

This movement is just a beginning towards ensuring Proper Medical facility…. 30% Superannuation Benefit and Post retirement medical benefit scheme for BSNL Recruits and resolution of all Pay related issues. let’s join this movement enmasse

Together We Will Achieve Everything – Definitely.