AIGETOA writes for conduction of supplementary DPC for the left out candidates in various categories for the SDE(T) Promotion:

AIGETOA Demanded immediate conduction of supplementary DPC and issuance of Promotion Order with the same date notionally of the left out candidates in various categories as per available Roster Positions in JTO to SDET grade for the recently issued SDET Promotion Orders dated 30.12.2021. This matter was raised immediately after issuance of the promotion order on 30th Dec, 2021 with authorities after getting inputs from field units. It is important to note that JTO to SDE(T) promotion for 945 JTOs under 67% DPC Quota was issued on 30.12.2021 for the vacancies upto January-2020 but it was found that some cases have been left over as per roster position and the same was taken up with the management. It was apprised to us that these cases will be look into and addressed after completing formalities of pending documentation. More than three weeks have been passed since then and all the documents have now also been made available. Hence we have taken up the issue to complete the process and issue the order without further delay.

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