AIGETOA Strongly Opposes 12 Years Stagnation Criteria & Dilution of Pay Scale in SDE RRs

Contrary to the updates shared by one association and the crocodile tears shed, it is informed to one and all that AIGETOA is consistently following the SDE RR issue and has placed it’s firm objection on 12 years stagnation criteria and have Categorically informed management that 12 years as stagnation criteria is not at all acceptable to AIGETOA and if management moves ahead unilaterally, we will come back on organizational action path. However, it will be equally pertinent to mention that management is considerate towards our submission and the same is under discussion with AIGETOA representatives continuously since last 3-4 days. The scale issue is also being suitably addressed in SDE RR in the light of the demand of AIGETOA for extending E2 for JTO/JAO equivalent grades and E3 for SDE/AO Equivalent grades.

We find it worth to appraise one and all that for settlement of any issue, you need to be on discussion table and enter into firm discussions with management. AIGETOA is not like other association, which believes in symbolism for election gains and does nothing except lip syncing. We know what other association is doing except symbolism, which is not being noticed or taken into cognizance by even their own members, a fact which is proved by non participation of their own members in the programs from Delhi and across the India. It is equally sad to note that the same association didn’t even approached management once for protecting the Cadre issue in the RR and are preaching sermons for others. Had they been sincere in their approach, they could have discussed and placed the things vociferously & firmly before management but they know they have nothing to lose because their peers are not affected at all by these RRs. The loss will be of the Cadre, Youngsters and New Recruits. This is why AIGETOA is worried and is executing the actions instead of doing gimmicks and preaching sermons on website.

AIGETOA Team lead by General Secretary, Shri Wasi Ahmad already had detailed meetings with CMD BSNL, All Board of Directors including Dir HR and PGM Pers in last one week on the proposed SDE RR and had apprised our concerns on Pay Scale and Stagnation Criteria and the Strong Resentment prevailing in the field units. The Management has understood our points and will desist from taking unilateral decisions. CMD BSNL has also assured to look into the issues afresh as raised by the AIGETOA once again. Pay Scale issue is being addressed in the proposed SDE RR and Stagnation Criteria will be also revisited, as assured. Friends, we are not simply watching from the shore but continuously meeting, pressing and highlighting the necessity of the Cadre w.r.t. to SDE RR to each and every BSNL Board Members and CMD BSNL before the proposed BSNL Board Meeting on 28.03.2022 to protect the interest of the Cadre, where as some people are preaching sermons through their website. We are strictly monitoring the developments and prepared to react in a very short notice in case the things are not settled to our satisfaction. If management doesn’t listen to our arguments and moves ahead, we will definitely retaliate strongly through full-fledged organizational actions to protect the JTO/JAO Cadre but at the same time we wish to inform that, management is considerate and will not ignore the genuine aspirations of executives raised through association, as assured to us in the last meeting.

We once again assure one and all that all necessary action is being and shall be taken to protect the interests of the executives. AIGETOA believes in actions and our actions speak for the cadre and we don’t need an irrelevant court order to prove our sincerity. Our leaders also do not need shelter in the form of an irrelevant symbolic protest to win internal elections. We believe in action and we will act accordingly as and when needed.