AIBSNLOBCEWA – Stand with us in support of AIGETOA during the upcoming membership verification :

Mr. M Vijay Kumar, the dynamic GS of AIBSNLOBCEWA, passionately encourages BSNL executives to cast their votes in favor of AIGETOA in the imminent membership verification process. He highlights the crucial role played by AIGETOA in championing executives’ rights and welfare, especially in matters of pay, promotion, pension and superannuation benefits. AIGETOA has been a steadfast guardian, resisting privatization and disinvestment attempts, thus protecting the interests of BSNL and its dedicated employees.

His appeal is clear: Let’s unite and vote for AIGETOA, represented at Serial No. 3, and make it the Majority association for BSNL executives. Together, we can amplify the voices of executives and pave the way for a brighter future for both ourselves and BSNL. Furthermore, he kindly asks executives to share this compelling message with colleagues and friends, inspiring them to stand alongside AIGETOA. Your vote can shape the destiny of BSNL Executives!