Updates on AIGETOA Meeting held with Pers (Estt)

A Meeting of Team AIGETOA was held with PGM(Estt) Shri Saurabh Tyagi on pursuance at DOT WRT E2 E3, Rule 8 cases in various circles, clarification about Rule 8 for GATE JTOs, consideration of special Rule 9 cases, creation of additional vacancies in JE to JTO(T) LICE, Amendment in JTO RR, Declaration of JTO LICE result of Punjab circle for VY 2014-15 onwards. The detailed discussion was held with the Team AIGETOA comprising of Shri Ravi Shil Verma Chairman, Shri Vivek Kumar Singh AGS, Shri Sunil Gautam AGS, Shri Yoginder Kumar AGS & Shri Chander Singh Negi CS HP.

Pursuance with DoT on approval of E2 & E3 for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO equivalent:

As committed at various occasions, PGM(Estt) once again assured us that another reminder letter at the level of Director HR to DoT for approval of E2 to JTO/JAO and E3 to SDE/AO is under process and shall be sent in this week itself. We apprised that BSNL should not lag in strong pursuance with DoT at all whole association is also precipitating the same through office of MoC as well as with pursuance through various MPs and Members of the Parliamentary Committee. We also told that AIGETOA court case is slated for final hearing in Chandigarh in second week of May 2022 and we hope for solid breakthrough there also. It was agreed that through mutual faith and joint pursuance at various platforms, we will be able to clinch this issue in favour of Executives very soon.

Non consideration of Rule 8 cases:

Team AIGETOA registered it’s strong displeasure on non-consideration of Rule 8 cases in various circles like HP & J&K etc. despite clear guidelines from BSNL CO through letter to clear all pending Rule 8 cases at least those who are willing to go from Surplus Circle to deficit Circle. CS HP was also present to discuss about his circle where strength of JTOs are surplus but still CGM HP is reluctant to consider Rule 8 cases. Near about 18 Rule 8 cases are pending in circle which are being overlooked even for deficit circles like Bihar. We requested PGM(Estt) to send another reminder letter on this serious issue and also direct circles to consider maximum possible cases and provide relief for those who have already worked in the circle for 13-15 years. He assured to issue another reminder letter on Rule 8 consider specially for surplus circle and also assured that he will personally speak to CGMs of HP, J&K and other circles.

Clarification of Rule-8 for GATE JTOs:

This issue was discussed on last visit of GS in a meeting with PGM(Estt) on dated 19.04.2022 and this time also PGM(Estt) once again informed that clarification was already issued on that matter and copy of that clarification was once again shared with us.

Creation of additional vacancies for JE to JTO(T) LICE issued recently:

We demanded to increase the LICE Quota vacancies for examination of JE to JTO(T) promotion. As shown in JTO(T) LICE notification only 18 circle have vacancies and aspirants of these 18 circle can only sit in the exam. Rest other circles and their aspirants are forced to sit outside because of non availability of vacancies. We emphasized that before restructuring, there were vacancies and hence the chance of the JEs present in various circles should not be killed at all. We told to once again consider the method adopted by Pers section and notify the exam for vacancy years before restructuring exercise was done. PGM(Estt) was sympathetic to the concerns raised and assured to explore the options within the possible framework of legal boundaries.

Consideration of pending Rule 9 cases:

After issuing amendment in Transfer Policy and incorporating stringent conditions for Rule 9 cases, some deserving cases of Executives who are full dependent on others even to manage their day to day activities must be considered. We strongly expressed that He group must consider these type of some most needy Rule 9 cases. Case by case discussion was held specially the cases from KTK & Kerala circle and it was told to reconsider their applications for Rule-9 on humanitarian grounds. PGM (Estt) assured to consider after going through the papers once again.

Amendment in JTO(T) RR:

It was informed to us the JTO(T) RR is also under modification and draft proposal will be shared soon with all stake holders for their comments. We once again emphasized that the JTO(T) RR pay scale should be E2 in place of E1 as per approval of BSNL Board and the same needs to be incorporated in the new RRs to avoid any unrest from executives and also to facilitate smooth approval by DoT on the same.

Declaration of JTO(T) LICE result of Punjab Circle from VY 2014-15:

As we are aware that Punjab JTO(T) LICE result was struck due to various court cases and result was not declared from Vacancy Year 2014-15 onward. We request PGM(Estt) to clear this hurdle for smooth career progression of Punjab Circle JEs. It was also informed to them since DoT&T guidelines are issued as per SC judgement and hence related cases may be expedited as early as possible. He assured for necessary direction to Punjab Circle in this regard.