When world is moving towards 5G, the management decision to sale 2G Mobile Handset (M/S Innocom Electronics India Pvt Ltd) through our Channel Partners will dent the BSNL Brand Name – AIGETOA demands roll back of the decision

INFOCUS is 100% made in India. However, the phone models of INFOCUS are designed in China. These Chinese designed phones are planned to sell through BSNL Channel Partners.

The 2G Feature phone of INNOCOM which is outdated was forced to sell through BSNL Channel Partners.

  • They offer the same Handset Vibe Plus through Amazon for Rs.860/- .
  • Actually the base price of this model is Rs.595/-. GST-Rs.107/-.
  • As per the mutual Agreement, Channel Partner will get a margin price of Rs.24/-
  • Thus Dealer Price is Rs.619/-. Including GST, it’s Rs.730/-
  • Dealer Margin is Rs.37/-
  • First Recharge is Rs.225/-
  • Recommended Customer Price is Rs.999/-
  • But the MRP fixed is Rs.1199/-
  • The offer for Channel Partners is Rs.100/- for the first Recharge 225(Unlimited calls and 300sms) which is bundled.
  • Already BSNL is having a FRC 249/- with Unlimited Calls, 100SMS/day and 2GB/day.

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Innocom/Infocus had already 500 distribution partners across India. Their National Distribution Partner is VRP Telematics. Their feature phones are available in 50K Retailer outlets across India. But this 2G Phone is not requested by any customers, so using BSNL Retailer outlets selling for Rs.1199/- and trying to defame BSNL.

Authorized Signatory of Mutual agreement signed Sri. PiyushPuri already told in an interview in Jul 7, 2017 to PC Quest Magazine, “that under the New Brand licensing agreement signed with Foxconn, InFocus has re-launched themselves as a new brand in the Indian Market. Categorically told that, “We are doing R&D and working with Jio to give a 4G feature phone to the customers. Developing a 4G feature phone is not a major challenge but we want to give a platform in feature phone like WhatsApp, Facebook, Money transfer, Browser to the customers. One the other hand, we will have 8 new Smartphone’s separately 4 for online and 4 for offline market.”

At the same time, on Jul 21, 2017, Economic Times reported that:  RIL in advanced talks with Foxconn to make Dual-SIM mobile in India.  Reliance Industries is in advanced talks with Foxconn – the Taiwanese multinational electronics contract manufacturing company that makes iPhone and iPod, among other things – to make mobile phones in India under the ‘Make in India’ programme, and RIL’s telecom arm Reliance Jio Infocomm is looking to launch a $23-25 dual SIM phone soon, ETNow reported quoting sources. The announcement on an alliance can come anytime. The sources told ET Now that RIL may bundle the phone with attractive tariffs for 4G services. The company may make effective ownership attractive to investors through tariffs, handset discounts and phone exchange schemes.”

  • The tie-up of RIL with INFOCUS was history and we watched the offer they made to customers. After four years of this tie-up, the same INFOCUS made this agreement for 2G phone (dual SIM) with BSNL had some secret strategy. Only One SIM Slot IMEI will be provided to the customers.
  • Customers already purchased Infocus Phones had really a bad experience and it is expressed in social Medias as well as in customer groups.

Another fact about 2G Feature phone of INNOCOM

“In 2017, a Retail outlet M/s. Teleshop, New Delhi filed a case CC No.364/16 in CDRF(Central), Kashmiri Gate, New Delhi against Innocom Electronics due to Mobile phone they purchased stopped functioning abruptly. Innocom repaired and returned to the customer, even though it doesn’t function. At that time it was not rectified due to non-availability of its parts. Thus District Forum directed the Innocom Electronics to pay the cost of phone, compensation and litigation costs to M/s. Teleshop. Innocom filed appeal in Sate Commission, but the State Commission didn’t find any reason to interfere with the Forum’s order.”

Big question here is :

When the entire world is moving towards 5G, BSNL sudden & surprise move to market 2G phones with M/s. Innocom Electronics India Pvt Ltd (Infocus) raised many questions among the esteemed customers.

That raise numerous unanswered QUESTIONS as below:

  • When popular 2G handsets like NOKIA are available @ price below Rs1000/-. Why BSNL is making an effort to bundle an unknown brand @ price at par with NOKIA?
  • When the entire world is moving towards 5G, WHY BSNL make a sudden & surprise move to bundle 2G phones with M/s. Innocom Electronics India Pvt Ltd (Infocus)?
  • When BSNL is surrendering part/full bandwidth of 900MHz & 1800MHz, why it is bundling a sub-standard product in this surrendered bandwidth?
  • When BSNL is having a long term plan PV-397 with 1 year validity. What is the justification of allowing a bundled phone with just 60 days validity for Rs225 voucher?
  • Finally the biggest question in this deal, WHO is the beneficiary in this deal. BSNL or someone having some vested interest in the deal?