VOTE POSITIVELY – An Appeal to all Executives of BSNL

This membership verification is the path maker & destiny maker of all Executives in BSNL. The elected team will be guiding the destiny of the BSNL for next coming years.

By casting your vote today on 18th Aug 2020, you are sowing the seeds for the creation of a prosperous BSNL, A Happy BSNL, A Safe BSNL, and above all A Secure BSNL.

The right to vote is a sacred right and an onerous responsibility that you owe to the BSNL.

We Solemnly pledges in Safeguarding the “Four P’s” – PAY, PENSION, PROMOTION & PROFITABILITY of BSNL.

Dear Executives, the dawn of beautiful BSNL is in your mind and then in your deeds. The deed for the day of the election for you is to cast your vote and be aproud contributor to the success the spirit of democracy.

We appeal earnestly to Vote for Serial Number 3 to Envisage a Glorious BSNL 2.0 and to Ensure better Career Prospect to entire Executive Fraternity.

Dear All, we appeal to all of you to go ahead and exercise your fundamental right to vote.

Vote for 3, Vote for Change, Vote for 3

By admin