Team AIGETOA meets authorities at EPFO New Delhi for update on higher pension option:

Today Team AIGETOA consisting of AIC shri Ravi Shil Verma, FS Shri Badri Kumar Mehta and AGS Shri Vivek Kumar Singh went to meet EPF authorities at the EPFO office. BSNL representative was also present along with us. Team had an elaborate discussion with the EPFO officers including the head of the pension department. It is understood that EPFO is shortly going to issue instructions with regard to the higher pension options calling from all those EPF subscribers who have been appointed before 2014 and whose EPF subscription has been deducted on Full Basic and DA. The process is likely to be captured through UAN portal.

However since the option window will be a smaller one, BSNL needs to remain in a state of preparedness to process the options in shortest possible time. Accordingly the Team AIGETOA consisting of AIC, FS, CS Delhi and CS Haryana met Sr GM (CA), BSNL CO and informed about the discussions with EPF authorities. Sr GM (CA) appreciated our concern and told that since clarity is now that EPFO are issuing the orders, all efforts shall be taken to ensure that there is no delay on the part of BSNL in processing all such option cases. He told that he will direct his team to discuss with AIGETOA team and finalize the plan of action in line with what other CPSUs have done. He told us to share the inputs with regard to action taken by other CPSUs. He assured us that the necessary instructions shall be issued without any delay and told is to work in close coordination with his team and finalize the action program. Our team shall be sitting with CA team next week to finalize the action plan in this regard and all the associated FAQs