STEWA requests all BSNL Executives to support AIGETOA in the Membership Verification :

Sh. M Uday Kumar GS STEWA, has appealed to all the BSNL executives to support AIGETOA in the membership verification process. He said that AIGETOA is the only association that has been consistently raising the issues of pay, promotion, pension and superannuation benefits for the executives. He also commended the role of AIGETOA in safeguarding the interests of BSNL and its employees from the threats of privatization and disinvestment.

He urged all the executives to cast their vote at Serial No. 3 in favour of AIGETOA and make it the sole representative association of BSNL executives. He said that by doing so, they will boost the voice of the executives and ensure a secure future for themselves and BSNL. He also asked them to convey this message among their colleagues and friends and persuade them to vote for AIGETOA.

He expressed his confidence that with the support and cooperation of all the executives, AIGETOA will triumph in the membership verification and will continue to work for the welfare of BSNL and its executives.