20 Years of Misrule and Misguidance
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Lie No. 2 of Proclaimed SENA Exposed
Go through the fact File to check how Proclaimed SENA damaged the Pay Scale issue of BSNL Recruits and what is AIGETOA’s plan to get it done.

It’s a well-known truth that the Young JTO/JAOs are the future of BSNL but the Proclaimed SENA is only for the peers of their leaders. It’s good that the proclaimed SENA themselves are accepting on their “lie machine i.e. their website” that they got 03 pay scale upgradations so far in 1) 1986, 2) 1996, 3) from 01.10.2000 and rightfully so, all these pay upgradations were for their own peers but when time for BSNL Recruits came, they got the scale degraded first to E1A and then to E1. This discrimination shall be ended by AIGETOA by ensuring E2 scales which will benefit hugely to all JTOs/JAOs promoted or recruited post
The following charges have been found true about proclaimed SENA:

1. In 2004, the proclaimed SENA had accepted intermediate scale of E1A for JTO/JAO Just to keep their pension protected at the cost of BSNL Recruits who were left pension less despite provisions in Gazette Notification of formation of BSNL.
They in fact demanded lower scales for new recruits.

Click here for gazette notification

Click here for Their demand for lower scales for BSNL Recruit JTOs

Click here for SR Cell Letter dtd 02.09.2003

2. In 2009, the proclaimed SENA didn’t demand E2 during second pay revision when mgmt itself had promised in 2004 to upgrade scales during 2nd pay revision. The proclaimed SENA did not pursue it in 2009 when BSNL was in huge profit.
The proclaimed SENA in fact demanded intermediate scales of E1A instead of standard E2 scale during 2nd pay revision as their prime focus was to get 30% Fitment and immediate Pension revision.
Click here for the 2nd PRC Notification which kept pay of JTOs/SDEs provisionally

Click here for Presidential Order for Pay Revision by DoT dtd 27.02.2009

3. In 2014, the proclaimed SENA allowed mgmt. to further degrade scale of JTO from E1A to E1 through JTO RR 2014. The proclaimed SENA didn’t do any single agitation against this degradation of scales from E1A to E1 and in fact joined hand with Management against AIGETOA who has served agitation notice on these issues. It is worth to mention that the proclaimed SENA has not filed any court  ase against the degradation of the scales, they are looking forward to AIGETOA’s fight for E2 scales for JTOs/JAOs.
Click here for the congratulatory messages of one of the associations welcoming JTO RR 2014

They say that they supported JTO RR 2014 because they wanted LICE residency period to be reduced. But residency period can easily be amended without notifying new RRs as was being done when residency was reduced from 10 years to 7 years by way of a simple amendment.
The only agenda of proclaimed SENA was to regularise Officiating JTOs and
they did it by compromising on Pay Scales of E1 for JTO/JAO under pressure from management else through JTORR 2001, nobody could have regularised these officiating JTOs.
By making it retrospective effect implementation (Their Plans were foiled by AIGETOA), they tried not only to degrade the scales for all JTOs recruited post 1.1.2007 but also they tried to place these officiating JTOs above LICE 2012 JTOs.
All JTOs/JAOs recruited as well as promoted after this RR amendment got the reduced scale and hence are getting pay loss of 10,000 to 16,000.
There malicious designs in Pay Parity committee was also evident from their unreasonable submissions in the committee which is giving JTOs/JAOs of 2007, 2008 and 2010 batches, a pay loss of Rs 22,000/- per month. It was AIGETOA case against JTO RR 2014 in Ernakulum which has saved all JTOs/JAOs from E1 scales as hon’ble court restrained management from degrading the scales else BSNL would have surely accepted the Presidential order of DoT without any delay.
4. By Agreeing for lower pay of E1 in JTO RR 2014, not only did they lowered the pay of young JTOs/JAOs but also they agreed to the draconian clauses of Bond Period for five years, Bond Amount, Interest@18% and Non-applicability of Rule 8 Transfers to GATE 2017 JTOs which has made the life of young JTOs/JAOs very miserable.
5. In 2018, in the name of CPSU, again the proclaimed SENA accepted E1 for JTO/JAO. The proclaimed SENA never tried to upgrade it to E2 in the draft policy and left it unsettled.From above, it is very clear that the Proclaimed Sena is solely responsible with all the miseries of BSNL Recruits with respect to Pay issue. They got degraded scales for BSNL recruits just for the petty benefits and appease their masters. They will do nothing only will blame AIGETOA.

AIGETOA has complete roadmap planned for the implementation of E2 Pay Scales for all JTOs/JAOs along with arrears.
Having gained sufficient legal advantage through court cases on this issue, We will be getting these issues resolved through discussions/organisational actions within six months of our election as representative association.

All the post 1.1.2007 JTOs/JAOs, either recruited or promoted in BSNL shall be hugely benefitted out of this achievement. AIGETOA has complete roadmap for getting the bond amount, interest and Bond Period reduced. AIGETOA has complete roadmap for ensuring the interim benefit of E1 plus five increments for all batches. AIGETOA has complete road map for resolution of the pay parity issue of 22820 as initial basic for those recruited in pre-revised E1A scales.

All BSNL Recruits are going to teach the proclaimed SENA a lesson for their misdeeds of 20 years and killing the pay of BSNL Recruits by voting them out and

by choosing All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association as their representative by voting at Number 3.

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