GS AIGETOA once again took the matter of settlement of pay disparity issue of post 2007 JTOs/JAOs who were recruited in pre-revised scale of E1A by initial basic as Rs 22820/- and implementation of E2 scale for all JTOs/JAOs recruited/promoted post 01.01.2007 by adopting E2 scale in JTO and JAO RRs in BSNL:

GS AIGETOA once again taken up the cause of extreme plight of BSNL recruited executives of post 2007 JTOs/JAOs, who were recruited in pre-revised scales of E1A with regard to their pay disparity and huge losses in their monthly salary.JTOs/JAOs of post 2007 BSNL recruited in year 2007, 2008 & 2010, appointed and worked on pre revised scale of 9850-14600 (E1A) till implementation of 2nd PRC in BSNL and many of them continued to work in same scale even upto January 2012. After implementation of 2nd PRC retrospectively from 01.01.2007, initial basic of JTOs of post 2007 were fixed at Rs. 19020 in revised E1-Scale provisionally, as no corresponding scale was given by the DoT against E1A and E2A in the presidential order. As per the notification of their recruitment, justice could have been done only if they would have been placed in the grade with Rs. 22820 as initial basic to compensate their losses and keep them at par with other similarly placed entrants in the grade. A status of their loss with current pay vis-a-vis their pre-revised pay has been worked out to enumerate the pain of these executives.

Initial Basic as on April 2009 Basic as on April 2020 DP as on April 2020 DA as on April 2020 DA as on April 2020 Salary (Basic + DA) on May 2020
In pre-revised scale as initial
basic Rs 9850/-
14050/- 7025/- 61160/- 340.20% 82235/-
In revised scale as initial
basic as Rs. 19020/- 
27190/- 0 43694/- 160.70% 70884/-
With initial basic as Rs
35630/- 0 57257/- 160.70% 92887/-
1. Loss in salary with respect
to pre revised i.e. Rs 9850 on April 2020 = Rs 11351
(i) = Rs (82235 ??70884)
    = Rs 113551
2. Loss in salary with respect
to Rs 22820 on April 2020 = Rs 22003
(ii) = Rs (92887-70884)
     = Rs 22003/-

The General Secretary also requested to adopt E2 scale for JTO/JAO in the respective Recruitment Rules as BSNL has already approved E2 scales for JTO/JAO. The need is to modify the RRs and extend the benefits of E2 Scale to all JTOs/JAOs who have been recruited/ promoted after 1.1.2007. This will ensure extension of standard pay scale of E2 to all JTOs/JAOs equivalent grade in BSNL to compensate their recurring loss from 1.1.2007 and upgrade the cadre before merger of MTNL, where scale of JTO/JAO are E2. Adopting E2 scale for JTOs/JAOs by modify the RRs will delink it from PO of DoT and pave the way for settlement of long pending issue of settlement of E2 scales within BSNL itself for all JTOs/JAOs recruited/promoted post 1.1.2007.

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