20 Years of
Misrule and Misguidance
AIGETOA will end this once for all…
Your support will make
All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association
Majority Association
Lie No. 1 of Proclaimed SENA Exposed
Go through the below fact File to check who is Pro ITS

One Association who somedays before were accusing AIGETOA for Pro ITS approach are the ones who actually defended them when Secretary DoT repatriated them back to DoT. All the executives are requested to go through the attached letter and decide who is anti and who is pro. The letter is self-explanatory to expose their Lie no. 1.

Click here for the letter

When Government was ready to repatriate ITS, then the so called proclaimed corners agreed to stop this and helped them to be here.
This letter is one of the foremost causes that all the BSNL Recruited issues were
ignored and the proclaimed SENA continued to find favours.

Till date, by doing such type of compromises and backstabbing, these legacy
associations have been derailing the issues of BSNL Recruits and extracting
maximum for themselves.

It was AIGETOA which created and raised voice of BSNL Recruits against this
discrimination. The proclaimed SENA is trying to divide BSNL recruits just for
their benefits.

Proclaimed SENA’s only Mantra is to Do Everything for their peers and do nothing
for BSNL Recruits and finally blame it on AIGETOA.

If they are accepting that AIGETOA is so strong and they are very weak for issues
of BSNL Recruits, then also they should simply accept their defeat and leave the
issues for AIGETOA. We will resolve all our issues.
All BSNL Recruits are going to teach the proclaimed SENA a lesson for their misdeeds of 20 years by choosing All India Graduate Engineers & Telecom Officers Association as their representative by voting at Number 3.

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