RecentWeb Updates of PROCLAIMED SENA – A Plethora of LIES…

We are proud that our beloved association AIGETOA is attaining day by day newer and newer heights.
The current exodus from the legacy associations and exponential increase in membership base of AIGETOA has actually is running a chill wave in the bones of the Proclaimed SENA.
The fear of looming defeat in the forthcoming MV has made them afraid to such a extent that they have started a plethora of shameless lies on their website.Having achieved nothing in all these 20 years for BSNL Recruits, now this proclaimed SENA have started a series of blame games on their website and that too full of their own contradictions.

We won’t get into much details of their voluminous updates which itself proves that how much they are afraid of the situation when their actions all these 3.5 years of the recognition and the 20 years of domination is going to show them the door in the next MV.
A person who does nothing and speaks lies only acts in this way. The same is being done by the proclaimed SENA nowadays from their website as well as their old cronies who are acting as a B team for them by trying to misguide BSNL recruits against AIGETOA and trying to cut our vote share. But we are sure, our brothers and sisters will give a befiiting reply to the proclaimed SENA as well as their cronies.

Our sole motto is to go forward and end the discrimination which BSNL Recruits have been facing all these 20 years on the issues related to their Pay, Pension and Promotion.
They have ruled for 20 years and did nothing…We want to work for two years and
achieve everything.
Now BSNL Recruits are in majority and hence a BSNL Recruit will have to sit in front of management and government for the issues related to BSNL and its employees.

Dear legacy associations, your time is over now…all these lies will not deter BRs
from supporting AIGETOA. We will Win and we will definitely win, not to become
number one but to reshape the future of BSNL Recruits whom you have left like
However, still we would like to expose some of your lies. It seems now you have become a habitual liar.

Recently we came through one Email of yours to a common innocent BSNL Recruit who was seeking update on the status of E1 plus Five Increments to those who have not got it and you have shamelessly replied that DoT has approved it and is pending to be implemented by BSNL.

We hope you must be aware of what DoT has approved in its PO and you want that to be implemented in BSNL.
We would like to inform one and all that DoT has approved Pay protection on Personal basis for JTOs recruited in E1A and E1 scales for JTOs recruited/promoted thereafter. Surprisingly, the captain of the proclaimed SENA wants to implement E1 for JTOs…which is a clear indication of what they want for BSNL Recruits.
SO theProclaimed SENA Wants E1 to be implemented as the replacement scale of E1A again in same lines of what they did in JTO 2014 by agreeing for E1. They again want to derail the efforts of AIGETOA in legal as well as BSNL Front. E1 plus five increments to batches recruited through JTO RR 2014 and JAOs recruited from 2010 onwards is to be extended by BSNL Board and DoT does not have any role in this.
This also shows the level to which they can manipulate things…but they forget that BRs are a learned lot and they can understand everything…

Our Second Question to this misguided missile is – Whether he understands the difference between Defined Benefits and Defined Contribution.
The PRMB which he is referring to is no where…We dare him to write a letter seeking constitution of PRMB fund in BSNL. If he is a well wisher then he should immediately demand creation of PRMB fund for BSNL Recruits. And nothing can be more outrageous and laughable than blaming AIGETOA for non settlement of 30 Percent SAB Benefits. Dear Captain of the Proclaimed SENA…May we know what stopped you from getting it implemented when 2nd PRC recommendations were being implemented…You must be knowing that BSNL was in profit that time…what made you to forget the SAB as well as E2/E3 scales for JTOs-JAOs/SDEs-AOs…Just because you were busy in getting your own coffers full forgetting about the issues which were affecting BSNL Recruits…
And Now you are shedding crocodile tears??nd for your information, your so called allies left it for us to fight and whatever we can achieve, we have achieved…and whatever that has been left we will achieve that also… and yes in the mean while we would like to suggest you to hire some accountancy teacher who can teach you the difference between Defined Benefit and Defined Contribution… so that you can realise how much deficit is yet to be realised in 30% SAB.
First you learn the calculation, than dare to speak on the issue…We hope by now you must have learned that full form of EPF is Employee Provident Fund and not Employee Pension Fund.
Regarding your much hyped court case, we would like to clarify that you are simply trying to undo the good work done by AIGETOA Members of Kerala who won the Higher pension case in their favour.

You and your proclaimed SENA is trying to implead in a case filed by NCOA which is mostly pertaining to Exempted organisations like NTPC etc having their own trust where EPF funds are managed by organization themselves and not by EPFO.

There is an underlying danger that the Government may take a plea since funds were not available with EPFO, why should they pay the higher pension to them
but you will not understand because you are more concerned about creating the hype than resolving the issue.

AIGETOA has clearly discussed the matter with high profile lawyers and they all
were of the view that the association should file separate writ at Hon’ble High Court of Delhi and we are going ahead with that…and are filing a writ at Hon’ble High Court of Delhi. We are not asking for any contributions either and for us the fund contribution of the association is enough to fight for the rights of BSNL Recruits.

We request you to not to spoil the case and if you are so concerned about BSNL Recruits, file a separate writ on behalf of your association instead of oiling your friends in the NCOA.
We would also suggest you to take opinion from highest legal authorities of BSNL CO who are also being governed by EPF. We earnestly request you to not to put the social security benefits of BSNL Recruits just for the sake of credit mongering.

You are saying that Management offered AIGETOA the proposal to promote…how did u came to know if they offered it to us. It shows you were upto something very nasty and following our each and every discussions. You may refer to your own website…and your frikkling comments on your website at that time…tells many stories.
Yes, it is true that we have succeeded in almost getting the promotions executed on 4th January 2019 as management was convinced with our logics and solutions. File was initiated also but suddenly there was a U turn. We came to know that some body went to CMD and told that if you execute the promotions, your contempt will never be settled…Somebody went to management and made them confused on own merit and on merit issue…We were searching for the person who misguided the apex of BSNL and derailed all the process…today we came to know…who was he. Thanks for disclosing your truth. In your quest for proving one upmanship, you even got the apex of BSNL in trouble…had that promotion would have been issued on 4th January 2019, the contempt case would have also died down because only question which Hon’ble Court asked from the applicant’s advocate was that whether you received the promotion orders…Had that answer would have been yes, things would have ended good for all…including the management as well as the executives…but you were more concerned about proving your point and you used your proximity and the animosity against AIGETOA to the apex to derail everything…and now again you are shedding crocodile tears..

Also tell us why you filed review petition…were you management…if 1:1 is extended to executives that is well in line with the set norms and RRs…why you were worried…why you wanted to deny chances of BSNL Recruits…for whom…why you filed review or a non existent problem…nobody ever challenged the training marks seniority…why you brought that in question…why you were afraid of BSNL Recruits getting their due seniority…and by the way did u ever told the LICE 2014 batch JTOs that you kept supernumerary JTOs above them while they should have been senior to the supernumerary JTOs.Did u told them that your threatened management with agitation if Supernumerary JTOs are dropped from the list and LICE 2014 JTOs are considered.

However, we are happy to note that you once again agreed promotion is possible through DPC..and we hope now at least you will realise your mistakes…and work sincerely for JTO to SDE promotions through DPC and help us in achieving the long awaited 1st promotion to our brothers and sisters.

And Finally, seeing the content on your website, we have realised that the your so called for unity was a simple hoax created by you. You have made your intent very clear that whatever you did was just a political gimmick nothing else…You added one more chapter in deceiving AIGETOA/BRs in the history of your treacherous moves when u ditched us at the time of MSRRs by compromising with management on time bound upgradation instead of Time Bound Functional Promotions, Not considering the 30 percent SAB and E2 scales at the time of 2nd PRC , Sending your representative to stop LDCE promotions in 2018, deceiving AIGETOA during negotiations on CPSU Hierarchy by not considering the benefits of BSNL Recruits like agreeing for lower scales, not including internal fast track policy, agreeing for MT Recruitment..

SO don’t try to project yourself as Mr Champion. We as well as everybody knows what you are. Just start counting your days… Very soon You will realise your true worth..

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