Update about letter submitted by GS AIGETOA on 19.06.2020 to CMD BSNL for clearance of medical and other dues :

With the strong pursuance of AIGETOA, finally management has decided to disburse the medical claims of active BSNL employees upto September 2019. It is learnt that management has decided for disbursement of the Medical claims along with June 2020 salary.

Also AIGETOA team strongly persuaded for the release of all TA/DA, claims of field employees who are working very hard in this corona time which are pending since years. And finally management has agreed to release pending claim upto march 20 bills for payment in June Salary. Some claims have been settled till date.

Friends management may change there words but we will not let it happen now, we are continuously working for employees favour who are working hard to save BSNL otherwise no body can save BSNL in this critical situation. Other pending payments are being also followed and pursued.
Click here for the letter submitted by AIGETOA

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