Update on committee meeting and other issues in line with our meeting:

Team AIGETOA met committee members on the issue of SDE reversal. The meeting of the committee was held yesterday ..however discussion could not be concluded yesterday as members needed some time to go through the Stay orders obtained in various courts and another meeting will be held shortly to conclude on the discussion. On the other issues, some delay was there and the resolution of the same was strongly pursued by our team. The issue of delay was also escalated to Director (HR) through GM SR for adherence of the time lines as committed in the meeting.

After followup by AIGETOA Team, GM SR has personally reminded all the sections with regard to decisions and timelines. All the sections have assured that they have initiated the actions and all the actions are being taken as per commitment in the meeting. The slight delay was due to unavailability of some staff. It has been assured that work is underway as per commitment. It isnow learnt that file for Legal opinion for JTO to SDE DPC as well as preparation
of list 9 has been processed by Personnel section.

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