review meeting of agenda items and the resolution as discussed in our earlier meeting AIGETOA team is scheduled to be held with Director HR and his team on
22nd May 2020. On the reversal issue AIGETOA team has already met each member of the committee and have apprised them of the situation and possible solution. We were pleased to learn that majority members of the committee except one is convinced with our arguments and are in favour of a final resolution to this injustice. They have sought certain details which our team has already submitted.

Discussion was also held with committee members on JTO to SDE DPC and LDCE notification and it is understood that HR team is working in the direction of
issuance of promotions. Further w.r.t preparation of list 9, necessary directions have been issued to process it. Our pursuance is also on wrt SDE to AGM promotions and we are trying to sort out the created problems by activists of the erstwhile legacy associations.

Further updates shall be provided after discussion in the review meeting with Director HR to be held on 22nd May 2020. Discussion with SR team has also been held with respect to change in membership window and notification of next MV. Our team is working on that.

Friends claimants of the output will be many but believe us, it is our team which has been pursuing all the issues through all means and are ready to go to any extent to resolve it without waiting any further for the same. Now that issues are coming in pipeline, sudden updates are visible on the website of those who were till last week concerned about issuance of DGM promotions and relaxation in Residency period for AGM to DGM promotion. However we request these credit mongers that we will give all the credit to them, now they should not create any more nuisance by giving confusing inputs to HR team. We are more focused on the resolution than the credit thing. We know credit mongers and problem creators will be punished when the time will come for the same.

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