One more blow to the working Employees of the organization especially BSNL Recruits who are already at marginal end in the company through ill conceived downward revision in Outdoor Medical Policy – Another gift of the Majority and Support Association in their tenure to the employees of BSNL:

AIGETOA strongly protest against the office order issued by BSNL for Outdoor Medical Claims reducing the ceiling from existing 23 days to 15 days of pay (Basic+DA) for employees of BSNL. All Executives in general and BSNL Recruits in particular are already facing a huge financial loss and career stagnation due to No Promotion, No 3rd PRC, No Standard Pay Scale, No full SAB, No PRMB, No other allowances, No timely Salary Payment, No Medical Payment etc. Instead of ensuring timely payment of salary, clearing of medical dues pending for last one year, clearing of due amount spent by our executives to maintain the network, settling of pay loss issues for executives recruited after 2K7, settling of long pending standard pay scale issue of E2-E3, issuing long awaited promotion of JTO to SDE & SDE to AGM, settlement of SDE reversion/other HR issues and above all extending the benefits of 3rd PRC to executives, who are working in life threatening condition of COVID-19; the management came with another anti employee order of downward revision of the ceiling of Outdoor Medical Claim. AIGETOA strongly oppose it and demand followings for our working executives: 
Restore existing ceiling of 23 days pay (Basic+DA) in cases of with-vouchers outdoor medical claim.
Start additional option of without-voucher outdoor medical claim as 12.5 days of pay (Basic+DA).  Start of option of Mediclaim policy Indoor treatment. It may not be out of place to appraise you that:

Now motto of extending facilities to majority and support association beyond the  recognition period is getting reflected. These associations who are nowadays working hand-in-glove to each other and write firing lines on their websites for DGM promotion etc are surprisingly silent on such vital matter which gives enough hint of their concurrence. But we just want to convey the management that we were avoiding confrontation in the larger interest of the organization for success of revival measures initiated by the government considering our longest shell life in BSNL but we can’t be a mute spectator when the interest of BSNL Recruits are at stake through one after other orders keeping silence on the
resolution of long pending HR issues. This can’t be tolerated anymore and now we call our leaders/members to start preparing for another battle in near future to snatch the due rights.

Click here for revised Outdoor Medical Claim Order

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