GTI : Group Term Insurance

BSNL has achieved a very economical, secure and assured term plan agreement for all its employees in terms of GTI with India’s most trusted brand LIC. Earlier GTI was only for Executives but this year the GTI facility has been extended to all non executives also.

Due to various stresses at work places and home/family and due to various accidental circumstances in daily life many of our employees (either executives or non executives) have lost their life in recent past. One can see how difficult is to run the family after the demise of only earning member of the family.All dreams of children’s better future spoiled once such causality happen in once family.

Associations and Unions with the help of BSNL management have come forward for providing the security to our employee families after their sad demise in terms of providing best ever insurance plan to all employees of BSNL.

GTI details are as below:

For Non-ExecutivesPremium (in Rs)Premium (in Rs)
Employees age Less than 50 years (born after 15.09.1970)20 lakh3776
Employees age above than 50 years (born before 15.09.1970)20 lakh18172

For ExecutivesPremium (in Rs)Premium (in Rs)
Employees age Less than 50 years (born after 15.09.1970)50 lakh9440
Employees age above than 50 years (born before 15.09.1970)50 lakh45430

We Request all employees to opt for this GTI scheme for the best security of our family.

We also request all our office bearers to arrange to talk to each and every employee in their office/section/building etc. specially the non executives to explain them the benefit and necessity of this GTI for them.

LAST DATE to opt for this GTI through ERP/ESS portal is 15.02.2021 (15th February)

(Premium amount will be deducted from salary of February 2021 month and will be deposited to LIC immediately to start the policy from 01, March, 2021)

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