GS AIGETOA writes to the CMD BSNL to STOP leakage of revenue through bundled VAS services from mobile services :

GS AIGETOA writes to the CMD BSNL regarding eating away of our hard earned revenue by the vendors by offering bundled VAS Services even after our serious objections as well as various Circles representation against the default service. He raised the matter that when BSNL don’t have money to pay salary to their regular employees on time, medical bills of employees are pending, medical limit has been reduced, sufficient fund is not being given to Circles for maintenance, the bills of works carried out by various petty workers/agencies are pending since many months and they are begging for the amount and disturbing our services at many locations on this account. Then, how we can afford to shed away even a single rupee, which could have been saved?

Click here for GS Letter to CMD BSNL

Hence, AIGETOA demanded following in the larger interest of BSNL:

  1. A white paper may be published every quarter having the details of the % increase in BSNL revenue in a particular voucher and % increase in VAS vendors billing before and after implementation of these services.
  2. The circles should be empowered to decide the Bundle VAS services as per their demographic situation and requirement of the circle with greater say in decision making process.
  3. The revenue earning must be analyzed properly before start of bundled VAS with any STV and it should be reviewed quarterly vis-à-vis revenue collected and once the STV becomes Popular, the bundles VAS services should be withdrawn immediately.
  4. Odisha model must be implemented on a pan India basis thereby saving more than Rs 150 Cr every year, sufficient to maintain good infrastructure for BTS maintenance.
  5. Default bundled services of LOKDHUN, EROS-NOW etc may be withdrawn immediately on pan India basis and allowed only through on demand subscription basis as existing earlier.
  6. A committee should be formed comprising of management side and representative associations side to review all existing bundled VAS services associated with various STVs. We can’t be a mute spectator when crores of rupees are being paid to the VAS vendors for no benefits to BSNL and employees are waiting for their basic due of salary and medical bills in this pandemic situation.

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