Contributory GTI Amount disbursement of Rs 50 Lakh started by LIC to the nominees of deceased Employees:

With the continuous persuasion of AIGETOA at LIC Delhi office and concerned section of BSNL, finally LIC has transferred Rupees 8 Cr in the centralized account of BSNL against 16 cases of GTI for the casualties happened during the Covid period. This was an agenda item of the AIGETOA with management in its formal meeting and our team was continuously pursuing the issues with BSNL as well as LIC.

AIGETOA Vice President and Asst General Secretary met Sr. GM Establishment in this regard and confirmed the same. Further, they have requested him to expedite the the settlement of all other pending claims at the earliest. Now BSNL HQ will transfer the same amount (Rs 50 lakh each) to the nominee’s accounts of the respective deceased employees.

This process could be started after a series of meetings and a series of if and buts in recent past between BSNL and LIC. Now finally the process has started smoothly. We assure that all pending cases will be settled soon by LIC through this centralized BSNL account.