CMD BSNL felicitated officers for their outstanding contribution for successful completion of process of issue of Sovereign Guarantee Bond of BSNL for Rs 8500 Cr on 23.09.2020

Today in a function organised in Corporate Office, Hon’ble CMD congratulated and felicitated the Team involved in the successful floating of Sovereign Guarantee Bond of BSNL for Rs 8500 Cr. Team Leader Shri Y N Singh, Sr GM(CFM & Taxation) and his officers involved in the process were felicitated and appreciation letters issued for their outstanding contributions. This includes our All India Vice President Shri Badri Kumar Mehta DM (Taxation), our Corporate Office Circle Finance Secretary Shri Subrat Kumar Mohakud AGM (Taxation) and lead officer Shri Hukum Chand AGM(CFM) CO New Delhi.

Moreover, Other Officers (members of AIGETOA)  who are involved in  Bond issue task  i.e. Shri Sanjeev Kumar AM(CFM), Shri Kartik Saini AM(Taxation), Shri B N Behera DM(CFM) and Shri Sunil Kumar AM( Taxation)  were  also felicitated. Once again, we congratulate all officers for their outstanding contribution.

AIGETOA express its deep gratitude to the CMD BSNL and Director (Finance) for their key leadership to accomplish this important step of BSNL Revival measures as initiated by the Government in 2019 as it will give much awaited relief to BSNL.

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