Analysis of Answers Given by Proclaimed SENA on E1A

Question by AIGETOA:

Why at the time of formation of BSNL, you legacy associations agreed to demote the cadre by accepting non-standard pay scale of E1A (9850-250-14600) instead of E2 (10750-300-16750) for JTO/JAO equivalent grade when MTNL Adopted Higher Pay Scale?

Answer by Proclaimed SENA:

Do you know what was the pre-revised pay scale and stand of the DOT and BSNL in deciding the pay scale of JTOs in BSNL? Oh! You were not even born at that time and you never bothered to read and understand the history or have the calibre to understand the history because of your prejudiced mind. Do you know the difference between MTNL and BSNL in 2000? Oh again! How can you know about MTNL where you never worked while you are not even aware of the realities in BSNL?

When the negotiation was under way during agitation in Oct-November, 2002 by the Executive Negotiating Council (ENC) comprising TEOA & MTNLEA and BSNL EA, DoT and BSNL had taken a stand that BSNL has already recruited its own JTOs in the CDA pay scale of 6500-10000 and their revised IDA scale is E1 (8600-14600). They further insisted that any discussion on pay scales should be restricted to absorption as demand in the Trade Union Program is Terms and Condition for absorption in BSNL/MTNL. But the visionary leaders did not succumb to the pressure of DOT and BSNL. They continued with the agitation. They insisted pay scale for the cadre and not for the absorbees alone as you did for 2005 batch alone in the case of II PRC pay anomaly. They demanded E2 for all JTOs/JAOs (go through the ENC notice dated 03.10.2002). When services paralysed, Hon Minister (Late Shri Pramod Mahajan) intervened and at this stage BSNL offered E1A scale for absorbed officers but we did not relent which resulted in the upgradation of the scale from 8600(E1) to 9850(E1A) for all JTOs.

DOT and BSNL was not ready to extend same pay scale for MTNL and BSNL as MTNL was a Navaratna company operating only in Metro cities of Mumbai and Delhi and earning very good profit as monopoly operator and BSNL was an in infant stage with liability of all rural areas. Further being a Navaratna Company, MTNL Board had much more powers.

Please stop the blatant lies that pay scale of BSNL JTOs were downgraded when 8600-14600 was offered as the replacement scale of 6500-10500 which was upgraded to 9850-14600 through the agitation. Perhaps as per your dictionary when pay scale is changed from 8600-14600 to 9850-14600, it may be down grading act.

Analysis by AIGETOA :

Proclaimed SENA Accepts that the Executive Negotiating Council (ENC) comprising TEOA & MTNLEA and BSNL EA, DoT and BSNL had demanded E2 for all. While MTNL was extended E2 for JTOs and No pension liability on the part of Government, BSNL was extended E1A with pension liability on the part of government. Later on, when Government owned the liability of pension for MTNL, they agreed to make the scales of MTNL at par with BSNL. Good that you accepted that it was your so called visionary leaders who accepted E1A in place of E2.

Being the Proclaimed Liar they are, they are telling BSNL was not in good finances at that time. If they refresh their memory, BSNL was earning profit in thousands and Thousands Crores at that time, much more than MTNL.

BSNL was slated to be Maharatna. It was the biggest corporate entity with highest profit. Much bigger than MTNL. There were other PSUs which were not Navaratna but adopted scales of 10,750 for trainee officers and extended E3 after one year of probation period. Example – NHPC. The PSU was lower in size than BSNL but adopted higher scale. This shows their lack of knowledge. The company was not listed in stock market in 2002. So they ought to take these lame excuses. They should accept that their leaders did mistake.

As per their own site, they were successful in upgrading the scale three times when only DoT wala were there but when BR time came, SNEA got the scale’s a truth. When liability of pension was with MTNL, the scale was E2, but when govt took the liability of pension for MTNL, they made an agreement that They will accept the scales at par with BSNL. This proves that only criteria for lowering the scale was pension liability.

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