AIGETOA handed over Rs 28.75 Lakh to its members family as a DRF scheme

AIGETOA has lost it’s 23 valuable members in recent Past due to Covid -19 pandemic and other reasons. Whole AIGETOA family is very sad on this untimely demise of these 23 esteem members all over India.

No one can fill the gap created due to this sudden death in those families .

To fulfill our commitment for the welfare of our members family as per our DRF scheme AIGETOA has handed over cheque of 1.25 lakh to nominee of each of these 23 AIGETOA members immediately as and when cases received from respective circle bodies of AIGETOA.

AIGETOA is also trying for compensation ground appointment of these members spouse so that there families can financially survive in this tough time.

Click here for the list of 23 members against whom cheque handed over to nominee