AIGETOA CHQ Governing Body Meeting held on 06.12.2020:

A meeting of Central Governing Council of AIGETOA CHQ held on 06.12.2020 in line with the decision taken in CHQ meeting on 29.11.2020 to hold weekly review meeting to assess the development related with BSNL and HR Issues. The GS apprised in the meeting that GM(SR) has called on him and informed that a meeting of AIGETOA has been fixed with Hon’ble CMD BSNL on 09.12.2020 to discuss and deliberate on all issues at length.

The Central Governing Council Members of AIGETOA CHQ discussed the proposed meeting of the association with Hon’ble CMD BSNL on 09.12.2020 and the decision of last meeting of CHQ to start symbolic protest in the form of black badges and mass representation since 07.12.2020. The participants also discuss about non-meeting of another deadline given by the management to issue SDE Promotion Order and almost no visible progress in other HR matters. The meeting also discussed about the government persistence to use Indian Core for 4G deployment in BSNL but remarkable efforts taken by the BSNL Management to convince the different authorities in the government about immediate roll out of 4G, which is possible through MNC route only. It is learnt that CMD BSNL is having a meeting at PMO on 8th December 2020 on the BSNL 4G and other revival related issues. Accordingly CMD has called us for meeting on the very next day.

After going through all discussion and deliberation, AIGETOA CHQ was of the opinion that although management is not moving as expected after VRS to resolve outstanding issues of working Executives but association should wait till meeting with Hon’ble CMD BSNL on 09.12.2020 to start the organisation action activity. So it was unanimously decided to defer the proposed Symbolic Protest in the form of black badges scheduled to start w.e.f. 07.12.2020 for one week with a call to take the decision on further organisation action in the upcoming AGM. We hope that the management will provide the much awaited justice even at this belated stage and ensure issuance of JTO to SDE Promotion order without any further delay and ensure visible progress on all remaining HR issues as discussed in the Formal Agenda Meeting on 15.09.2020.

Thereafter, the participants discussed the issues in detailed to be taken up with CMD BSNL and the preparatory exercise of the upcoming Annual General Meeting on 12-13th December, 2020 with open session on 12th December, 2020. Shri Ravi Shil Verma AIP also apprised about the various formalities to be observed in the upcoming AGM and directed respective CHQ members to ensure compliances of the same. The meeting ended with vote of thanks by Shri Deepak Sahoo.

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