Fact status on JTO to SDE DPC Promotions:

The senior advocate is still to submit the legal opinion as approval of his fees has
not been conveyed yet by BSNL. It is reported that the file for approval of Fees is under submission and

once the approval is conveyed, legal opinion will be received.

Thereafter the DPC process will be initiated.
While this being the fact, a sudden update on proclaimed SENA website is testing the patience of entire BSNL recruits who eagerly awaiting their turn for Promotions. But we request all such people not to panic as such lies of the negative people will be exposed very soon. Their consistent updates on their website tells the true story that how much afraid they are of getting their lies exposed.
It is ridiculous that they are asking for confirmation on message but they are not asking for status of DPC which also tells the true story of their concern towards the issue.

AIGETOA Team is consistently following the issue and the issue has been in discussions at all levels including Director HR and PGM Pers.

Even on Friday (10.07.2020), our team met PGM Pers on the issue. It was informed to us that file for Sanction of the fees has been returned to Personnel Cell with some queries. The queries are being replied and file is being sent for approval without any delay. From the discussions, it was also clear that the half baked CPSU Hierarchy Policy can not be implemented unless until it is revisited and reframed. Now we leave it for the people to decide, who is telling
lie and who is telling the truth.

People are matured enough to understand things except Few by name

“Uncommon Man”

who are either working as B team of the Proclaimed SENA or unable to understand the facts because of their immaturity. Anybody can file an RTI and know the truth by themselves…

AIGETOA reports correctly based on the discussions not on whims and fancies ofindividuals who remains in day dreaming mode always.

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